Monday, 29 August 2011

Nail Polish Collection

My nail polish collection is starting to get quite large now. I'm currently at 58 nail polishes. After a cheeky Models Own purchase yesterday, I will be the proud owner of 8 more! The 50% off sale has now been extended until Wednesday night so there's still a chance to pick up some last minute bargains.

I've recently rehoused my collection to this box which was part of a Gok Wan set I got for Christmas. My old storage, a pink basket, got too small.

Most of my nail polishes are high street brands with a few more expensive ones thrown in. I quite like buying cheaper ones like Barry M and Models Own as I never use the full bottle and seem to buy countless shades of the same colour - pink in particular!

Well some people collect stamps... I just seem to be collecting nail polish :D

Pink shades

Red/orange shades

Purple shades

Everything else

So how many nail polishes do you own? How many would be too many? Do you have a favourite brand? Let me know your thoughts...

Bye for now,


New makeup storage

I thought I'd do a follow up post to the one I did about my new makeup storage so you can see how much makeup it fits and have a sneaky look at my collection.

Top drawers: lip products

Middle drawers: blushers and eyeshadows

Bottom drawer: foundations, concealers, other face stuff

So that is most of my makeup apart from mascara, eyeliners, palettes, collections and gift with purchases.

Thanks for reading,

Sunday, 21 August 2011

H&M Goodies

I picked up these goodies in H&M last week. They were all £1.50 each and I really like them all. I don't normally look at the beauty stuff in H&M but I'm glad I did.

The body splashes smell devine. I've got a soft spot for ginger and really like this Ginger Vanilla spray as it's mostly vanilla based with a hint of ginger. It's not overpowering at all. Just a nice soft fragrance. Even my mam said it was nice and she hates strong scents so that proves it's quite subtle.

The Hello Kitty fruity one smells amazing too. It smells like sweets! It really reminds me of something but I can never put my finger on it.

I thought these Hello Kitty lipglosses were really cute. I love both colours. They are both lovely and shimmery which a nice hint of colour. One pink and the other a nude colour. I think the packaging is sweet and the formula is great. I thought they would be sticky as they are so cheap but they aren't at all. They feel smooth on the lips and are sweetly scented. They smell gorgeous. See the swatches below for an idea of the colours.

Take care,

New makeup storage

I've been looking at this cute storage box for a while now in WHSmith and spotted it on the website for only £8.79 the other day so had to have it! I'd been admiring a similar one on Vivianna's blog and it seemed perfect for my makeup collection.

They had other designs too, including a cupcake design which is also quite nice. I loved the colours used on this one and thought the flowers were very pretty. It might make a nice background for some future photos.

I will do an update post soon so you can see my makeup collection in it's new home.

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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Eye Makeup Remover - No7 v Clinique

I've tried quite a few eye makeup removers in the past and finally found my favourite. This favourite is Boots No7 Cleanse & Care Eye Makeup Remover. I discovered this during one of the £5.00 No7 voucher promotions. The current price is £7.00 which is not cheap for a drugstore makeup remover. With the voucher it is only £2.00 which is very affordable. I love this makeup remover as it's nice and moisturising on the skin. It is kind of oily which some may not like but I think that's what helps it to be moisturising. A few swipes of this on the eye area and you get to see the satisfying results. A lovely black cotton pad!

Recently I ran out of this and there wasn't a voucher promotion on at the time so I ended up using a sample of Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover that I received during Bonus Time. I have to say I wasn't impressed with this. It's not oily like the No7 one so I feel like it's quite drying on the eye area. Also I don't feel like it removes eye makeup very well. I definately don't think it's worth the £14.50 price tag for the full sized product. I used it until the sample was finished and then yay, Boots brought out the vouchers again so I treat myself to some more No7 eye make up remover.

I then received another voucher so bought this No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Minty Fresh. It's a gorgeous light blue colour and such a bargain. Only £2.00 with the voucher.

Bye for now,


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Models Own Weekly Blog Wrap

Just wanted to mention that the NOTD I posted on Sunday was featured on the Models Own website. How cool is that?! Here is the link if you want to see it.

So if any of you blog about using Models Own products it's worth sending it to them on Twitter or Facebook as you may be featured on their website.



Boudoir Privé Box

When GlossyBox was first announced I kept up to date with it on Twitter/Facebook and blogs. I couldn't decide whether to order one or not so decided to wait and see what the first box was like. Wow, the first box contained a full size Nars Orgasm Illuminator and some other great goodies. I was impressed so kept reading blogs about this box. By the time I decided to sign up to the next box I had missed the June box so didn't end up signing up. Eventually I came back on the site to sign up for July but had missed that too. I did get signed up for August though.

In the meantime, Boudoir Privé came about. I signed up as soon as I c
ould for the first box due in August. If it was going to be anything like GlossyBox I wanted it! Also Feel Unique brought a third type of beauty box out but I decided I didn't want to sign up to a 3rd one without even receiving any of the others yet.

So my Boudoir Privé box arrived yesterday. I had already read about it over the weekend as some bloggers received theirs on Saturday.

I think the packaging is great, pretty similar to GlossyBox from what I've seen. I'm sure the box will come in handy for storage once the products are used up. The handwritten card is also a nice touch. It probably took them ages writing all of those out!

I like the cool little mirror sticker!

So the details... Boudoir Privé boxes cost £10 per month including delivery a
nd you will receive 5 or 6 deluxe size samples. I like the fact that you can cancel anytime as I wouldn't like to be tied into a contract.

Here is the contents of this month's box:

  • Sachajuan Conditioner
  • Jane Iredale Purelash Extender & Conditioner
  • Olavie Chardonnay Wine Therapy Antioxidant Body Butter
  • Babor Extra Firming Cream
  • Bloom White & Green Tea Duo
  • Etat Libre Orange perfume samples in Archives 69 and Rien
You get a little leaflet which tells you about each product and how to use it.

I was a little disappointed that there was no makeup in this box. Maybe the lash conditioner kind of counts as makeup. I also hadn't really heard of the brands apart from Jane Iredale. However, I think I will give all of the products a go and may end up enjoying using them.

I am most looking forward to using the conditioner. Plus that size would cost £10 by itself so you are getting your moneys worth.

The body butter does actually smell like wine, I quite like it so I'm sure that will be nice to use.

The only thing I don't really like in the box is the perfume as it is quite strong and overpowering. I prefer sweet scents!

Looking forward to seeing what is in the next box. Also my GlossyBox will be arriving later this week so that should be fun :)

Speak soon,


Sunday, 14 August 2011

NOTD - Models Own in Champagne

I love Models Own Nail Polish. They have some amazing colours and they are a dream to apply. The photos shown here are after 1 coat which is great as sometimes I can't be bothered to apply multiple coats.

Models Own in Champagne is what I'm wearing today and I think it's quite a unique colour. I have nothing else like it in my collection. I would say is a mixture of silver and gold. It leaves a gorgeous smooth shiny finish. It's shimmery but not glittery so should be nice and easy to remove.

Just thought I'd mention that Models Own are currently trying to get to 50,000 likes on Facebook. They are holding regular competitions until they reach 50,000 then there will be 50% off Models Own once the target is reached. I'm already adding things to my wishlist!

Take care,


Friday, 12 August 2011

Topshop Lip Polish

I bought this set of 3 Topshop Lip Polishes for £3.00 last month during the sale. I also bought the cream blush in Head Over Heels and these were my first ventures into Topshop makeup.

The packaging of these products is great. It's nice and simple. Little chunky pots with a mirror contained in the lid.

I wouldn't have chosen the red colours if the whole set hadn't been such a bargain. I really liked the shimmery peach colour but thought I may as well try them all for that price.

L-R Shades: Cracker, Chiffon and Cherry Picker

I haven't worn the products enough to comment on how long lasting they are but I did really enjoy trying them. They are glossy but not at all sticky. They have a nice tint to them and don't feel drying.

I have taken some photos of the products on my lips but didn't want to show my whole face today as I didn't have any other makeup on.

Topshop Lip Polish in Chiffon

Chiffon is my favourite as it only adds a slight tint to my lips with a nice multi-colour shimmer running through it. I would feel very comfortable wearing this and may wear it out this weekend.

Topshop Lip Polish in Cracker

This is a nice red shade which you can wear quite sheer or build up to a
stronger colour. This one has a subtle red shimmer to it and it looks quite pretty.

Topshop Lip Polish in Cherry Picker

This is a nice deep cherry colour in the pot but the application is a lot more sheer on the lips. On the photo above it looks slightly patchy but it didn't really look like that in the mirror. This one also contains a red shimmer. I don't know if I will get much use out of this one, it depends on how brave I'm feeling but I think it would be good to wear for a Christmas party.

Here are a few swatches on my arm so you can see the colours on a different base:

L-R Shades: Chiffon, Cracker and Cherry Picker

Hope this post hasn't been too long and boring!

Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Next Purchase - Elemis

A product I've been thinking about buying for a while now is Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel. I've been umm-ing and ahh-ing about it as I wasn't sure whether to buy it on it's own or as part of a set. I first saw this being demonstrated on QVC and since they do a lot of special value packs I almost bought it from there but then I ended up missing out on a deal. I've been looking at this Anti Ageing Cleansing Collection (below) for a few weeks now. As I now have some Debenhams vouchers to spend I'm going to buy the set at the weekend. It costs £48.00 but I think that's a great deal as the Papaya Enzyme Peel is £28.60 on it's own! I've actually tried the Apricot Toner before and really liked that so I'm glad that's included in the set plus I get to try other new products.

As I have £75.00 of vouchers to spend, I'm thinking about trying another Elemis product. I quite fancy trying one of their masks and I've been lookin
g at the Exotic Cream Moisturising Mask in particular. I need to have a think and a look round Debenhams before I decide but it's a strong possibility. I do quite like the Montagne Jeunesse masks though so I'm not sure whether I want to buy a £30 mask. (I probably will though...)

I will post an update when I have bought my Elemis goodies. Apologies for the stock photos but since I haven't actually bought anything yet I can't take my own photos :)



Tuesday, 9 August 2011

NOTD - Essie in Sand Tropez

Just decided to paint my nails before bed. Went for this lovely beige nude colour by Essie. It took two coats to get it nice and opaque. It's a great colour that will go with most outfits and is suitable for work in an office.



Monday, 8 August 2011

Sleek Purchases

EDIT - 14 October 2011 - New post with lip swatches of the Sleek Pout Paint and Pout Polish

I thought I would write a quick post about the two Sleek products I bought the other week. These are my first Sleek purchases so I was looking forward to trying them after seeing Sleek on lots of other blogs.

Sleek Pout Polish in Peach Perfection and Pout Paint in Milkshake

I'd been looking to try one of the Pout Polishes for a while and since I normally go for pinks, I thought I'd be brave and go for a peach shade! This is a lovely colour. It gives a nice glossy sheen on the lips with a hint of colour. I would say this kind of nudes my lips out ever so slightly. I really like the effect it has. It also smells gorgeous, it's a vanilla based scent so most people will probably like this.

The Pout Paint is quite cool. I know the whole idea of them is to buy several of them and mix them up to create your own unique shades but I just settled for one to try out. I do quite like it. It's a bold colour which I haven't got the hang of applying properly yet. As it says on the packaging it's highly pigmented. I think next time I try this I may try and apply it a bit lighter, maybe so it looks more like a stain rather than full on lip colour. Sometimes I think bold shades don't suit me because I'm so pale. It could be that I'm not used to wearing them though! Whilst I had this on my lips I tried adding some of the Pout Polish over the top and I liked that look better as it toned down the colour a bit and added a bit of moisture. I wouldn't say the Pout Paint was drying but I definately prefer feeling a bit of gloss on my lips when I rub th
em together.

See below for some swatches of the two products plus the mixture I created.

Pout Paint in Milkshake, Pout Polish in Peach Perfection, Mixture of the two products

Thanks for reading,



Sunday, 7 August 2011

July Favourites

Welcome to my July Favourites!

I wouldn't say there is anything majorly exciting here but these are the things I was reaching for in July.

Just one photo in this post so I'm just gonna briefly describe everything from left to right - top to bottom.

Soap & Glory - Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel
This is a product I've repurchased as I really enjoy using it. The reason I like it so much is because it's nice and moisturising for the skin. My skin never feels dry after using this as it actually has a built in body lotion. Bonus! Especially good since I rarely moisturise my body. I know, naughty me!

Nails Inc - Mayfair Hand Lotion
I received this for my birthday in July as part of a gift set which also contained the Mayfair Hand Wash. This hand lotion is great because it is quite rich and provides enough moisture for your hands yet it isn't greasy. I hate using greasy hand lotions as they make my hands feel dirty! I like to put this on before bed and I like the fact that I don't have to worry about rubbing lots of grease onto my face during the night.

Mitchum - Advanced Control Anti Perspirant in Pure Fresh
This is a very effective anti perspirant and I also really like the scent of this one. It's so clean and fresh. I have tried the Powder Fresh one but I'm not so keen on that one. This is one of those solid cream style roll ons so you don't have to wait a long time for it to dry like regular roll ons. I also feel it's quite soothing on the skin due to the creamy formula. The packaging states it has 48 hour protection but I don't really think it would last that long on me, plus obviously you need to wash!

Escada - Taj Sunset
This was another birthday gift. I did choose this one myself though as I had been lusting after it for a while. This perfume smells gorgeous. It's such a fruity and sweet scent, which is exactly the type of fragrance I love but it may not be suitable for everyone. The main scent in this perfume is mango and you can certainly smell that. This is a limited edition perfume for the summer so if you are looking to buy it, get it sooner rather than later so you don't miss out.

Burts Bees - Mango Lip Balm
I really like this lip balm as it is so nourishing on the lips plus as you may have guessed already...I love the smell of mango! I had previously tried the honey scented one but I'm not a big lover of honey so much prefer this one. I leave this lying around my bedside cabinet and put it on before bed and sometimes in the morning before work.

Rose & Co - Strawberry Crush Lip Balm
This lip balm also smells lovely. A nice sweet strawberry scent. It's also tinted a deep pink shimmery colour which doesn't really transfer to the lips that much. It does leave a nice glossy finish which I like. I tend to use this one if I'm popping into town at the weekend or going for lunch somewhere as it doesn't require any maintenance, I can just slick it on, rub my lips together and go.

Clarins - Mono Eyeshadow in Desert Blond
I like to brush a bit of this on over my eyelids as an everyday easy look. It has a satin texture and is a nude creamy colour with a hint of shimmer. I like this as I can just shove a bit of this on for work as I don't like having no eyeshadow on but this looks quite natural due to my pale skin.

L'occitane - Cherry Blossom Hand Cream
I got this as part of a cute little set containing other travel sized products. I really like these hand creams as the packaging is really nice and the creams are quite luxurious. This is one is quite light compared to the shea butter ones but it still provides moisturisation to parched hands. I like to keep this in my bag to use at work when my hands get a little dry. This one smells lovely too. It's more of a floral scent rather than a sweet one.

Clinique - Power Lash Mascara
I have ran out of this mascara now but I really enjoyed using it as it really separated my lashes and provided volume as well. The brush is quite small compared to most other mascaras but I like that about this one. It makes it easier to coat your bottom lashes with this as well. I would repurchase this mascara but maybe not at the moment as I like to try lots of different products - can never stick to just one!

Clinique - Superdefense SPF 25 in Combination To Oily
The main reason I like this moisturiser is due to the SPF. SPF 25 is quite high for a moisturiser so that's why I chose this one in particular. It can leave my face a bit greasy when I first apply it if it's a hot day but I don't mind as I know I'm getting some protection from the sun. So far this summer, when we have actually had hot days, my face has never been burned. My chest has been burned as I forgot to apply sunscreen so at least I know the SPF worked in my facial moisturiser!

Can't believe how long this post turned out to be. Hope it was useful to someone out there :)



Fresh Start

So... I briefly entered the world of blogging earlier this year but it kinda fizzled out so I thought I'd start afresh.

I absolutely love reading beauty blogs and I'm always adding to my collection on Bloglovin'.

My main passion in life seems to be buying beauty products - mainly skincare and make up! Since my fiance isn't too interested in hearing about these products I should be able to put my thoughts on here!

Lets see how I get on with my blog this time. Hopefully I'll keep it up :)

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