Sunday, 21 August 2011

H&M Goodies

I picked up these goodies in H&M last week. They were all £1.50 each and I really like them all. I don't normally look at the beauty stuff in H&M but I'm glad I did.

The body splashes smell devine. I've got a soft spot for ginger and really like this Ginger Vanilla spray as it's mostly vanilla based with a hint of ginger. It's not overpowering at all. Just a nice soft fragrance. Even my mam said it was nice and she hates strong scents so that proves it's quite subtle.

The Hello Kitty fruity one smells amazing too. It smells like sweets! It really reminds me of something but I can never put my finger on it.

I thought these Hello Kitty lipglosses were really cute. I love both colours. They are both lovely and shimmery which a nice hint of colour. One pink and the other a nude colour. I think the packaging is sweet and the formula is great. I thought they would be sticky as they are so cheap but they aren't at all. They feel smooth on the lips and are sweetly scented. They smell gorgeous. See the swatches below for an idea of the colours.

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