Sunday, 7 August 2011

July Favourites

Welcome to my July Favourites!

I wouldn't say there is anything majorly exciting here but these are the things I was reaching for in July.

Just one photo in this post so I'm just gonna briefly describe everything from left to right - top to bottom.

Soap & Glory - Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel
This is a product I've repurchased as I really enjoy using it. The reason I like it so much is because it's nice and moisturising for the skin. My skin never feels dry after using this as it actually has a built in body lotion. Bonus! Especially good since I rarely moisturise my body. I know, naughty me!

Nails Inc - Mayfair Hand Lotion
I received this for my birthday in July as part of a gift set which also contained the Mayfair Hand Wash. This hand lotion is great because it is quite rich and provides enough moisture for your hands yet it isn't greasy. I hate using greasy hand lotions as they make my hands feel dirty! I like to put this on before bed and I like the fact that I don't have to worry about rubbing lots of grease onto my face during the night.

Mitchum - Advanced Control Anti Perspirant in Pure Fresh
This is a very effective anti perspirant and I also really like the scent of this one. It's so clean and fresh. I have tried the Powder Fresh one but I'm not so keen on that one. This is one of those solid cream style roll ons so you don't have to wait a long time for it to dry like regular roll ons. I also feel it's quite soothing on the skin due to the creamy formula. The packaging states it has 48 hour protection but I don't really think it would last that long on me, plus obviously you need to wash!

Escada - Taj Sunset
This was another birthday gift. I did choose this one myself though as I had been lusting after it for a while. This perfume smells gorgeous. It's such a fruity and sweet scent, which is exactly the type of fragrance I love but it may not be suitable for everyone. The main scent in this perfume is mango and you can certainly smell that. This is a limited edition perfume for the summer so if you are looking to buy it, get it sooner rather than later so you don't miss out.

Burts Bees - Mango Lip Balm
I really like this lip balm as it is so nourishing on the lips plus as you may have guessed already...I love the smell of mango! I had previously tried the honey scented one but I'm not a big lover of honey so much prefer this one. I leave this lying around my bedside cabinet and put it on before bed and sometimes in the morning before work.

Rose & Co - Strawberry Crush Lip Balm
This lip balm also smells lovely. A nice sweet strawberry scent. It's also tinted a deep pink shimmery colour which doesn't really transfer to the lips that much. It does leave a nice glossy finish which I like. I tend to use this one if I'm popping into town at the weekend or going for lunch somewhere as it doesn't require any maintenance, I can just slick it on, rub my lips together and go.

Clarins - Mono Eyeshadow in Desert Blond
I like to brush a bit of this on over my eyelids as an everyday easy look. It has a satin texture and is a nude creamy colour with a hint of shimmer. I like this as I can just shove a bit of this on for work as I don't like having no eyeshadow on but this looks quite natural due to my pale skin.

L'occitane - Cherry Blossom Hand Cream
I got this as part of a cute little set containing other travel sized products. I really like these hand creams as the packaging is really nice and the creams are quite luxurious. This is one is quite light compared to the shea butter ones but it still provides moisturisation to parched hands. I like to keep this in my bag to use at work when my hands get a little dry. This one smells lovely too. It's more of a floral scent rather than a sweet one.

Clinique - Power Lash Mascara
I have ran out of this mascara now but I really enjoyed using it as it really separated my lashes and provided volume as well. The brush is quite small compared to most other mascaras but I like that about this one. It makes it easier to coat your bottom lashes with this as well. I would repurchase this mascara but maybe not at the moment as I like to try lots of different products - can never stick to just one!

Clinique - Superdefense SPF 25 in Combination To Oily
The main reason I like this moisturiser is due to the SPF. SPF 25 is quite high for a moisturiser so that's why I chose this one in particular. It can leave my face a bit greasy when I first apply it if it's a hot day but I don't mind as I know I'm getting some protection from the sun. So far this summer, when we have actually had hot days, my face has never been burned. My chest has been burned as I forgot to apply sunscreen so at least I know the SPF worked in my facial moisturiser!

Can't believe how long this post turned out to be. Hope it was useful to someone out there :)



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