Monday, 29 August 2011

Nail Polish Collection

My nail polish collection is starting to get quite large now. I'm currently at 58 nail polishes. After a cheeky Models Own purchase yesterday, I will be the proud owner of 8 more! The 50% off sale has now been extended until Wednesday night so there's still a chance to pick up some last minute bargains.

I've recently rehoused my collection to this box which was part of a Gok Wan set I got for Christmas. My old storage, a pink basket, got too small.

Most of my nail polishes are high street brands with a few more expensive ones thrown in. I quite like buying cheaper ones like Barry M and Models Own as I never use the full bottle and seem to buy countless shades of the same colour - pink in particular!

Well some people collect stamps... I just seem to be collecting nail polish :D

Pink shades

Red/orange shades

Purple shades

Everything else

So how many nail polishes do you own? How many would be too many? Do you have a favourite brand? Let me know your thoughts...

Bye for now,


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