Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Models Own Sale Haul

Yay my Models Own haul arrived today so I thought I'd post pictures and swatches of what I bought. This lot cost me £25.50 as it was 50% so I think I got a lot for my money.

Top row L-R: Pink Punch, Jade Stone, Bubblegum, Coral Reef, Pink Blush, Orange Sherbet, Juicy Jules
Bottom row L-R: Lashed Up Volumiser Mascara in Black, Loose eyeshadow in Pale Peach, Top Turquoise

Thumb to little finger: Pink Punch, Jade Stone,
Bubblegum, Coral Reef, Pink Blush

Left to right: Orange Sherbet, Juicy Jules, Top Turquoise

I'm loving all my nail polishes. Think my favourites are Pink Punch, Bubblegum and Top Turquoise but they are all great. Also just to let you know, these swatches were all with one coat of nail polish so pretty impressive coverage I'd say.

Next on my list of polishes to try would be Orangeade. This was unfortunately out of stock whilst the sale was on :( I would also quite like to try some of the other glittery shades.

I haven't tried the mascara or eyeshadow yet but I'm sure they are great.

Hope these swatches were useful.

Please feel free to leave links to your Models Own hauls as I would be interested to see what other people bought in the sale.



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