Friday, 16 September 2011

September GlossyBox

Yesterday I received my second GlossyBox. I was quite impressed with last month's box especially compared with the Boudoir Prive box as I like that fact that GlossyBox use well known brands. I'm a bit of a brand snob I think!

Anyway...back to this month. This month's theme is Future Classics. This is what I received:
  • Dead Sea Spa Magik - Salt Brushing
  • HD Brows - Eye&Brow Palette in Bombshell
  • Kimia - Exquisite Rejuvenating Facial System
  • Neal and Wolf - HARMONY Intensive Care Treatment
  • Plum by Mary Greenwell Eau de Parfum

The first product that stood out to me is the HD Brows kit. I've never tried an eyebrow product before (apart from clear mascara to neaten my brows) and it's something I've been thinking about lately so I'm looking forward to having a little play with this. I'm glad I received the one for blonde hair so I can actually use it. I was wondering if this is to do with the preferences I set when I first signed up.

I like the look of the Dead Sea Spa Magic scrub sachets. They seem like good quality scrubs and I think I will enjoy using them. The third thing that really interests me is the Neal and Wolf hair treatment. This looks like a really nice, luxurious product that I'm sure will do wonders for my hair.

The Kimia samples are something different that I wouldn't normally use. It's contains two samples - one oil and one hydra-activator. It looks like this would be quite expensive so it will be good to try out but I don't think I would purchase something like this. I think I prefer to buy more well known skincare brands such as Elemis and Clinique.

The final product is a perfume sample called Plum. This perfume is ok, but nothing special. It's a very floral scent but I think it's more suited to the more mature woman. Not something that someone in her twenties like myself would wear. It's not too bad like the overpowering scents that I got in my Boudoir Prive box last month though.

So my overall thoughts are that I'm impressed with GlossyBox and even though the price has increased to include £2.95 for P&P, I think I will continue my subscription. I'm due to receive my second Boudoir Prive box soon so I'm going to see what's in that then maybe drop one of the subscriptions. At the moment, my feeling is that I will be keeping my GlossyBoxes but we'll see!

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