Sunday, 9 October 2011

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream

Last month I posted about the free samples Garnier were giving away. Mine arrived last weekend and I finally got round to trying it last night.

You get three sachets of the product. I opted for the light shade since I am super pale!

I took some pictures so you can see the difference. Here is my before pic:

And here are the photos with the product on:

The product is quite good. It does even out the skintone and it does seem to "blur" my blemishes but they are still visible. It does seem to clear up some of the redness around my nose so I like that. The product does look quite shiny/greasy on my skin but I took these photos straight after application so I guess the product may soak into the skin more and become less shiny. I do like this product more than I thought I would but I would not purchase it as I feel even the light shade is a little dark for my skin. If they did a lighter shade - "fair" perhaps, then I would be more likely to purchase this.

Hope this was helpful,

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