Sunday, 16 October 2011

NYX Glitterati Glitter Cream Pallet = WOW

I popped into River Island today for a quick look around and boy I'm glad I did!! Look at this little beauty:

This is the first time I've seen NYX in the shops so that in itself was amazing but these Glitter Creams are so pretty and I don't (or should I say didn't!) own anything like these. They were only £14.00 so I think that's a great price.

I love all of the colours and one of them even looks like an eye cream version of Models Own Juicy Jules which I love!

I haven't even broken the seal on these bad boys yet as I want them to stay new for a teeny bit longer so I can't comment on how opaque they are but I'm sure they are great.

On the back of the palette it mentions that you can use them to sparkle up your face, body and hair which is quite mad, imagine putting the glitter in your hair but you never know, people may want to do that for a wild night out or for Christmas or something so they are versatile :)

So you know what you need to do..get to River Island now!

Hope you've had a lovely weekend,


  1. I love River Island! I was hunting for Models Own nail polish in Beth's Blue and it was always out of stock in Boots, I popped in to River Island to check out their bags (which I LOVE) and lo and behold - there was Beth's Blue! My local store is quite small but I will have a good look next time to see what I can find!

  2. Hi Helen, thanks for your comment :) Ah that's great, I actually saw a few Models Own nail polishes in the sale the other day for about £3 so you should definately have a look xx


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