Saturday, 1 October 2011

Payday Purchases

Wow It's October the 1st already, can you believe it? It's getting exciting now, getting closer to Christmas! I've started seeing all the lovely gift sets in the shops. I've got my eye on a few of the Benefit ones for myself ;)

Anyway, another exciting thing is payday, which for me was yesterday, woohoo! For the last few months I've been wanting or should I say NEEDING Prada Candy. Every magazine I've bought has had an advert for it, every time I walk into a department store or Boots I've seen a big display for it and I just had to spray some on. It's quite expensive at £40 for 30ml, £53 for 50ml and £71 for 80ml. However it is Prada and gorgeous so I think it's worth it :D Now that those Christmas perfume sets are out and I spotted the Prada Candy version it became even more enticing! So yesterday I decided to part with my hard earned cash and buy the gift set for £55 in Debenhams. I had £10 on my beauty card so I asked to use this towards the gift set and the lady informed me that I now had £20 so even better! It really was meant to be!

The gift set comes with a body lotion and shower gel, both 75ml. I love the brand packaging and the design of the bottle. It looks classy and expensive. I'm not the best at describing scents but it's quite sweet. It's like vanilla and caramel. I love my sweet scents but sometimes they can smell a little cheap which I don't mind but this one smells more expensive and luxurious. I can't wait to wear some tonight when I go out for a nice meal and some cocktails.

The other product I bought yesterday was a Philosophy Shower Gel. I've been dying to buy one for a while as I've never had a full size one before, just smaller ones from gift sets. This one is called Gingerbread Girl and is 480ml. It costs £14.00 which is quite expensive for a shower gel but it's worth it as Philosophy Shower Gels smell devine and are very long lasting! How gorgeous does it look?! I love the shimmery effect and I love the scent of ginger as well. I spied another Christmas gift I quite fancy as well that contains 3 miniature shower gels which I think I will have to purchase!

So have you had any payday splurges? Have you got your eye on any of the Christmas gifts? Let me know! Maybe I will have more things to add to my wish list...


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