Saturday, 19 November 2011

A Few Purchases

Good Evening fellow beauty lovers!

I thought I'd do a little post showing you a few things I've bought lately. I feel like I haven't had much to blog about recently as I have been spending most of my money on Christmas pressies rather than beauty products! I will have some posts to write at Christmas as the majority of my presents are makeup/skincare :) Can't wait to try my new things out.

First up from my recent purchases is this Bourjois eyeshadow:

It caught my eye when I walked past one of the special offer stands in Boots. I'd never seen these "Intense" eyeshadows before but they seem great. I don't think there are loads of colours but I really love this one (03 Extrait De Fard). It's a light glittery peach colour. When you take a swipe of the product the colour and pigmentation is so true to how it looks in the pan which I totally wasn't expecting. It's such a gorgeous colour and I think it's perfect for this party season coming up as you need a bit of glitter for Christmas! I haven't tried it on my eyes yet so I can't comment about fallout, etc but I've got a feeling I'll love it.

Here is a swatch on the hand to try and show how pigmented (and perfect!) it is. Although this photo really doesn't do it justice. Please do try it for yourselves next time you're in Boots/Superdrug :)

Next up we have the Vaseline Limited Edition Lip Therapy tin in Creme Brulee

I was really looking forward to trying this after seeing it appear on quite a few blogs. I have to say I'm quite disappointed with this. For the price I was expecting it to be a bit more... special I guess. I thought the scent would be a lot sweeter as well but I find it quite perfume-y if that makes sense. I don't really think I'll be using this much!

Last but certainly not least, I had to get myself some Lush Christmas goodies.

Clockwise From Left = Magic Wand Bubble Bar, Candy Mountain Bubble Bar & Cinders Bath Bomb

Magic Wand Bubble Bar - This smells gorgeous, just like the Snow Fairy shower gel which I love! I haven't used any of these Lush products yet so I'm not sure how much use you get of them but I was told this one will last for 10-15 baths as you wave the wand around in the bubbles until you're happy with the result then let it dry so you can use it again. I think it looks sweet as well with the little bell - would be quite a fun product to use with kids.

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar - Ah this smells divine. Again another very sweet scent so I'm really looking forward to using this. It reminds me of the Creamy Candy bubble bars so anyone who likes that should have a sniff of this next time you're near a Lush store.

Cinders - I thought I'd go for something a bit different with this one. This one is more of a warm, spicy Christmas type scent. I think that's due to the Cinnamon Leaf Oil. It's also got popping candy in it so looking forward to seeing what that's like in the bath. I love popping candy!

Well hopefully I'll find some more stuff to blog about soon. Can't believe it's only 5 weeks til Christmas now! Loving it :)


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