Sunday, 11 December 2011

A Good Ol' Sunday Haul

Evening all :)

Thought I'd do a post about the things I've bought today.

First of all - something very sparkly and Christmassy! These beautiful shoes!

I saw them a few weeks ago in a sale in Dorothy Perkins and didn't buy them. I later decided I wanted them and searched for a few weeks instore and online but they were nowhere to be seen. Today I decided to try on a black glitter version I found but the lady went off to get my size and came back with nothing. I was gutted. Until she mentioned they had the gold pair in my size! Yippeeeeee! They are seriously high and I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to walk in them but they look sooo good! They were originally £40 but I got them for £25 - such a bargain!

Now on to the makeup and other beauty products...

I'd noticed a deal in Superdrug last week where you could get the MUA Immaculate Collection Palette worth £8 for free when purchasing £8 worth of MUA products but they didn't have any of the palettes left. I popped in today and saw they had the palette so spent a little while deciding what to buy since you can get lots of products for £8.

The only MUA product I owned before this spree was a clear mascara for grooming my brows. I love their palettes but decided as I already have lots of eye shadow plus I was getting a large palette free that I should look at other types of products.

I went for a purple and a green mascara. I haven't really tried coloured mascaras but thought it was worth picking a few up since they were so cheap and these colours should go well with my green eyes. As you can see I also got two lipglosses (shades 3 & 2), two lipsticks (shades 5 & 9) and two blushers (shades 2 & 6). I don't own lots of lipsticks or blush so I thought it was worth picking up a few colours to try and see what suits my skintone. I was really happy with these goodies as I got LOADS for £8! Also it might be worth mentioning that I noticed MUA have got a new website where you can purchase their products and I saw you can get the Immaculate Collection Palette on there for free when spending £8 so good if you can't get it from Superdrug. Here is the link in case you are interested.

After seeing Accessorize makeup on a few blogs I've been looking at trying some of their range. They also had a deal on where you got a free palette so yet again I couldn't resist! I think there were 4 colour ranges to choose from but I went for colours I don't really own - my palette is called "Paradise". I love the cute packaging!

The products I paid for to get this gift are a lovely pinky purple baked blush in "Wowzer" - really looking forward to using this with one of my new Sigma brushes! I also got a cute nail polish in the shade Electric Blue. In store it looked like a glittery/shimmery royal blue but after getting it home I've realised it has lovely purple flecks in there as well so that's even better! Don't think my camera picked the purple up unfortunately.

Some other bits I picked up in Superdrug were some more Montagne Jeunesse masks. It was 4 for the price of 3 so I did buy three but gave one to my Mam. For myself I got another Strawberry Souffle since I enjoyed using that last night. I also got an Amore Rose and a Spa Facial Face Tonic which is more of a cloth mask with product soaked into it. Looking forward to using those :)

Also got some good old face wipes for £2 and an eye balm since I'm running out of my trusty Clinique All About Eyes Rich and I'm ideally gonna save my Boots points for that. This was only £3 so thought it was worth a try in the meantime.

A trip to Boots provided me with some hair products and a shower gel. It was 3 for 2 on professional haircare so I went for the Lee Stafford Big Fat Healthy Hair Shampoo and Conditioner as I've been thinking about trying those for a while. I've tried these tonight and I do think my hair feels thicker and looks more shiny. I love the scent it's left in my hair too so I'm pleased with those. My third and free product was the Umberto Giannini Backcomb in a Bottle. I had a few spritzes of this on my hair before I washed it and I didn't feel like it had any effect so will have to read up on this and have another go!

I also picked up a Boots Expert Shampoo for removing the build up of products in the hair. This is loved by Anna of Vivianna Does Makeup so I'm sure it will be great. I always want to buy everything she has!

The last product is an Original Source shower gel in the Almond and Black Cherry scent. This is gorgeous. I love cherries and cherry scented products so this is a real treat to use.

I've had a good day shopping today and I'm so glad it's only 2 weeks until Christmas. It will be great having some time off work :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Please feel free to send links to your hauls or any other posts really as I love reading them all.



  1. great haul! Love the make up and the face masks (I've got the rose one but not used it yet) x

  2. @Beauty Balm - Aww thanks. Ah that's cool, hope you enjoy using it :D x

  3. Great haul! Loving the Accessorize nail polish - what a colour! x

  4. @Helen99 - Thanks :) Yeah it's lovely, I'll have to try give it a try soon! x

  5. strange question but when you get the free pallett to you pick up it up along with your 8 items or do they give it you when your playing at the tills? im confused and dont wanna be paying for a pallett im not THAT keen on getting!

  6. @A little about Ayla - Hi there, you need to pick up the palette at the makeup stand with your £8 or more worth of MUA products x

  7. okay thankyou so much! <3

  8. @A little about Ayla - No problem :) Hope you have a great Christmas x


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