Saturday, 3 December 2011

Revlon Goodies

Afternoon all :)

I picked up these goodies the other day from Superdrug as there was a deal on Revlon where you could get a lip product and a nail polish for £9.99. I wanted both of these products as a result of reading blogs!

I don't own many lipsticks as I'm more of a gloss person but I would like to start building up my lipstick collection soon. I thought this lipstick - Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Sky Line Pink 025 would be a great choice for both my pale skin and for getting used to lipstick.

It's like a frosty pale pink colour. I would say it's quite sheer but I like that as it's not too much a shock when I first apply it and I can build up to the effect I want.

I like the way this is quite moisturising on the lips and feels silky when I rub my lips together.

My other purchase was the much blogged about Facets of Fuchsia Nail Polish.

I really like this and it will be perfect for the Christmas parties I will be attending this month. It's a black colour with lots of fuchia glitter of different sizes within it. I really like how there are big pieces and small pieces in there.

It gives a wonderful look and it doesn't feel rough to the touch or anything. You need two coats to start getting a good effect with this polish but it recommends two coats on the bottle anyway.

Have you bought anything sparkly for your upcoming Christmas parties?



  1. I love this polish, you can try layering over a black polish to save it or if you dontlike too bumpy. x

  2. @Fab Fingertips - Great idea, thanks for the tip :D x


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