Saturday, 3 December 2011

YSL Golden Gloss

Happy Saturday beauty lovers!

I had £15.00 of points to spend on my Debenhams beauty card and I initially thought I was going to put them towards a MAC foundation. Until I got to the Metrocentre last night and realised there was no MAC in their store :'(. Ah well, it just wasn't meant to be.

Fortunately I had a backup plan! I've been eyeing this little beauty up for the last few weeks. It's the YSL Golden Gloss in shade 47. It was realised for Christmas as part of their "Look Noel 2011" Collection.

The description on the YSL website for Golden Gloss is:

This gorgeous golden gloss dresses your lips in a sophisticated, high-shine shimmer for dazzling glamour, comfort and smoothness. Scented with a subtle hint of mango, you'll find GOLDEN GLOSS utterly irresistible.

I agree with the above statement! I love this lipgloss as it's a very different colour for me. I'm very used to pink glosses with the occasionally peachy or nude one thrown in. I think this colour looks great with my green eyes. Sorry I don't have a full face shot on here, my makeup doesn't look that great at the moment as I'll be going in the bath soon ready for my night out tonight!

It's like a pink toned purple with lots of different shimmers running through it. I particularly like the blue/purple toned colour shimmer in there, it looks amazing! It's quite hard to capture all of the colours with my camera. That's why I've posted a lot of photos to try and show you that it can look different when it's held at various angles!

I actually got this lipgloss for £3.90 - can you believe it?! It's supposed to be £21.00 but Debenhams have 10% off beauty and fragrance at the moment, then minus off my beauty points and we have an absolute bargain!

I have to say, I adore YSL packaging as well. I'm a sucker for the gold, expensive looking design :D

Do you collect Debenhams/Boots points? Aren't they just great for treating yourself to something extra! Have you bought anything with yours recently or are you saving them for something special? Let me know :)



  1. ooh this looks gorgeous, lovely colour!

  2. @Beauty Balm - It's amazing, I love it. You should swatch it sometime and see it's true beauty for yourself hehe xx


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