Saturday, 14 January 2012

The best kind of shopping is... shopping! I'm sure you'll all agree :)

I had some John Lewis vouchers to spend so I got myself the following goodies:

  • YSL Volupte Sheer Candy in Shade 9 Goyave Sorbet
  • Origins GinZing Eye Cream
  • Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

I'd been after the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair for a while but it's rather expensive so I was glad to get some vouchers! Plus since seeing it in one of Anna's hauls I had to have it!

I've also been on the market for a new eye cream after buying Clinique All About Eyes Rich several times in a row. I originally wanted to buy Origins Eye Doctor but then I swatched a bit of GinZing on my hand and I really liked the illuminating effect. I have really bad dark circles so I'm hoping this will give my concealer a helping hand at covering them!

I'm a sucker for gorgeous packing and have been lusting after a YSL lipstick for a while. I think this one is from their Spring 2012 collection and I love the colour! I haven't actually tried it on my lips yet. In fact I haven't even twisted the lipstick up out of the tube, it's too pretty to touch! I'll probably give it a go tomorrow, for now I'll just admire it! Hehe.

I still have £25 of John Lewis vouchers to spend so I'm having a think about what else I could get. If you have any suggestions let me know :)

I remembered I had just over £20 of points on my Boots Advantage card to spend so I thought I may as well get more "free" stuff. 

This is what I chose:

Front of outer packaging

It is the Pixi Ultimate Beauty Kit. This set contains 32 eyeshadows, 16 lipglosses and 8 cheek powders. It was £20 which is amazing value I think. I already own the Pixi Wakeup Set which is really nice but I haven't used it much lately. Even though I haven't used the new one yet I know I'll like this one even better. I'm especially looking forward to trying some of the blushers. 

Here are some more photos in case you are interested:

Back of outer packaging

Front of kit

Kit open showing eyeshadows

Eyeshadows on left side

Eyeshadows on right side

Full kit open

Lipglosses and blushers

   There were a lot of photos in this post so if you made it to the end - thanks for reading! Please send links to any of your hauls as I love to read/watch them. Also, don't forget my giveaway is still running if you wish to enter :)




  1. I really want to try the Origins eye cream - read such amazing reviews! It's on my wishlist x

  2. @Beauty Balm - Ooh I'm glad you've read great stuff about it. Looking forward to trying it out :) x

  3. Wow lovely haul, It'd be great to see swatches of the YSL Lippy and a full review of the Pixie Kit, that looks amazing value for just £20, is the quality good?

    Phoebe x

    inbeautyland blog

    1. Aww thanks for your comment. Yeah I'll definately do posts on those in the near future. Thanks for the suggestions :) Yeah the eyeshadows and blushers are lovely and silky with great pigmentation. I haven't swatched the lipglosses yet but I'm sure they are nice too. x

  4. That YSL lipstick is gorgeous! I bought myself one as well right before Christmas and I love how creamy they are :)

    Xoxo, Christine♥

    1. Ah brilliant :) I wish I could own them all! xx


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