Saturday, 11 February 2012

Accessorize Makeup Buys

Hope you are all having a great weekend so far :)

I picked up some more Accessorize goodies today so thought I'd show you what I bought. Superdrug always seem to have a deal on Accessorize makeup where you get a freebie so watch out for those :)

The deal on at the moment is buy any Accessorize Makeup product and receive an Accessorize Diamond Sparkle Lipgloss free. I love their nail polishes so this time I went for one of their Metalized One Coat polishes in the shade Greige. 

I love this colour and it really does only need one coat! It's a gorgeous metallic grey-beige (hence the name!). I don't have a colour like it in my collection so I'm pleased I chose this one. 

The lipgloss shade I chose is Temptation. It's really sparkly so this one is best for night time but it will make you feel very glam on a night out. This is a rose pink shade with tons of sparkle thoughout the whole tube! It's very glossy on the lips and not sticky at all. It smells really sweet like fudge too!

I think this lipgloss is worth £4.00 so it's a great price and I'd be happy to buy another one of their glosses for that price.

Hand swatch of Accessorize Diamond Sparkle Lipgloss in Temptation

Have you tried Accessorize makeup? What are your favourites? Can anyone recommend any of the nail polish shades?

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  1. I love the accessorize makeup! Not enough people know how amazing it is, they're missing out ;) The nail polishes have got to be my favourites, they have the best formula and colours. I've really been loving Ivory Lace, Truffle and Mink.
    Laurel xoxo

    1. Ah I know, I keep forgetting about it myself! Should really buy some more :) Yeah the nail polishes are fab, I'll have to check out those colours :) xx


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