Sunday, 8 April 2012

Laine Blogger Award

Hope you are all having a lovely Easter so far, I'm loving the long weekend!

The lovely Becca from Back For Tea has awarded me the Laine Blogger Award! I love Becca's blog as she has a good variety of posts from beauty and fashion to general photos of what she has been up to. I'm also rather jealous of the fact that she works at Lush, how great would that be?! You should definitely check out Becca's blog if you don't already follow her. Unfortunately she's not feeling too great at the moment so I'm sure she would appreciate some blog love :) Get well soon Becca!

The Laine Blogger Award
  • Link back to the blogger who awarded you
  • Blog about your award
  • Give the award to 5 bloggers and let them know
My 5 Bloggers Are:
Please check out these blogs as I'm sure you will enjoy reading them much as I do.

Thanks for the award Becca :)




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