Saturday, 14 April 2012

Montagne Jeunesse Skin Heroes #3

Here we have Part 3 of my Montagne Jeunesse Skin Heroes Series. This post features the Shine Control mask. Please also check out Part 1 - Break-Out Mask and Part 2 - T-Zone Peel Off.

I've really been enjoying these masks so far and have found my skin is in much better condition. They are helping to even out my skin tone, especially on my chin where I often have scars left from spots!

Another great point about these masks and the rest of the Montagne Jeunesse range is that they are suitable for vegetarians and the brand always look to use natural ingredients.

The Shine Control mask is for "greasy skin that likes to shine". 

This mask, like the first two shown on my blog, has two stages - a mask and a moisturiser.

Stage 1 (as stated on the packet)
Firstly, deep cleanse with this special mud mask. We’ve added Argan Oil to help balance oily areas & crushed Acai Berries - a powerful anti-oxidant that helps protect.

Stage 1
This is a smooth creamy mask that looks a bit like foundation! I couldn't quite put my finger on the scent of the mask so maybe that's the Argan Oil as I'm not sure what that smells like! The mask dries and tightens the skin over 15 to 20 minutes until it's ready to wash off. Upon washing the mask off my skin was left feeling clean and soft.

Stage 2 (as stated on the packet)
Secondly, balance your skin with this moisturiser of crushed Acai Berries & light reflecting particles to help control shine. KiOsmetine® & Argan Oil help restore skins balance.

Stage 2
The moisturiser is a thick white lotion with a lighter version of the scent in the mask. It soaks into the skin very quickly leaving the skin moisturised but shine-free. I liked the light reflecting particles element of the moisturiser as it wasn't massively visible all over the face but I did notice a bit of a glow to my cheekbones when the light hit them. Basically this mask and moisturiser in combination provides shine-free, healthy looking skin. Definitely a thumbs up from me :)

Swatches of Stage 1 (left) and Stage 2 (right)

This mask along with the rest of the Skin Heroes range is available now from Asda and the Montagne Jeunesse website.

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