Saturday, 21 April 2012

Montagne Jeunesse Skin Heroes #4

This is the final mask and the penultimate post from my Montagne Jeunesse Skin Heroes series. This review will be about the Dry Skin Mask.

If you haven't read the rest of my reviews, please check them out here:

The Dry Skin Mask is the one I was most looking forward to trying as I prefer a more moisturising mask. Having said that though, when trying the ones more targeted at oily skin/breakouts I've found they were really good for my skin. I had often assumed those kind of masks would be drying but they totally aren't.

As with the other masks, this one has two stages, with stage two being a serum rather than a moisturiser this time.

The packaging states that the Dry Skin Mask "holds in moisture to banish dry skin areas".

Stage 1 (as stated on the packet)
Firstly, submerge skin in this creamy soufflé & let the super fruits explode into action. Raspberries, Blueberries & Red Grapes are high in anti-oxidants that protect & replenish.
Stage 1
The mask is a pale pink, pearlescent cream. The consistency is like a thick facial moisturiser. I expected it to smell quite fruity with it containing raspberries, blueberries and red grapes but it's actually more on the floral side. It's definitely a pleasant scent and my fiancĂ© kept sniffing my face! After 15 to 20 minutes on the face, the mask slightly dries on the face but it's not like the masks that make the skin feel really tight. My skin was left clean and moisturised on removal of the mask. 

Stage 2 (as stated on the packet)
Secondly, rehydrate with this follow on serum of crushed Blueberries & pulped Raspberries, an anti-oxidant frenzy. Natural KiOsmetine® is clinically proven to make skin smoother.
Stage 2

The serum is a white lotion, not dissimilar to the moisturisers from the other masks in consistency. The scent was a lighter version of the mask's fragrance. The serum sank into my skin quickly and left it feeling so soft, like velvet!
Hand swatches (L to R): Stage 1 and Stage 2
I've really enjoyed using the masks from the Skin Heroes series and I would recommend them all. Montagne Jeunesse use natural ingredients wherever possible so if you read the back of the packet you will be able to understand what's in the product!
If you fancy trying this range it's available from Asda and the Montagne Jeunesse website .
I'm now looking forward to trying the nose strips as they aren't a product I would normally use. Look out for that post coming soon :)

Do you use Montagne Jeunesse products? Let me know your favourites...




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  1. These look awesome :)
    Looking forward to the nose strips post because I don't use those either and it would be good to see how you get on :) x


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