Sunday, 13 May 2012

17 Berry Crush Lip Stain

Another 17 Cosmetics lip product for you here. This time it's the Berry Crush Lip Stain. I'm not 100% sure which colour I have as it isn't displayed on the product, but going off the Boots website I'm guessing it's Sleepover. 

This is a double ended product with a felt tip pen style applicator containing the lip stain at one end and a clear lip balm at the other. The lip stain looks like a rosy pink colour in the applicator and when swatched on my hand. On my lips this product has more of a red tint to it. 

I was really surprised at how pigmented the product is. This has amazing staying power too! It took a lot of rubbing with a face wipe to remove the majority of the colour and I still had traces of it on my lips the next day! The swatch on my hand wouldn't budge either. The lip stain actually smells really fruity which made it even more enjoyable to use.

The lip balm end is a great addition to the product as it gives the lips a nice, smooth finish and stops your lips from drying out.

This lip product is also £4.99 from Boots. Another winner from 17 Cosmetics!

Have you tried these lip stains? What are your thoughts?




  1. very beautiful colour of lipstick. i really like it.

  2. Ohh sounds good! Going to buy one, And as you said the lip balm is a bonus.

    1. Ah glad you like the look of it. Hope you like it too :)


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