Saturday, 18 August 2012

Current Favourites

I meant to do a July Favourites post but I never got round to it so decided to do a "Current Favourites" instead!

My brother bought me a set of The Body Shop Strawberry goodies for my birthday and I loved it so much it made me splash out on some more products. Just thought I better explain why most of my favourites are from one place!

The Body Shop - Strawberry Body Butter

I don't moisturise my body as often as I should but since owning this product I've definitely been moisturising more as it's such a pleasure to use. I love the scent (and taste!) of strawberries so I absolutely love the smell of this. This may sound a little strange but it smells a bit like Calpol, which makes me love it even more as I loved the taste of Calpol when I was little! This body butter is for "normal skin" so it may not provide enough moisture if you have severely dry skin but it certainly leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished. It sinks in quickly too so none of that icky sticky feeling with this!

The Body Shop - Strawberry Body Polish

I love this body polish as it's like a cleanser and exfoliator in one. It foams up if you use it with a shower scrunchy but it also has lots of fantastic scrubby bits in too made up of large seeds and smaller salt sized granules. It leaves your skin feeling smooth, not sore and it's gentle enough to use daily. It smells lovely too.

The Body Shop - Strawberry Shower Gel

Again, this product smells gorgeous but it's also really enjoyable to use. It's quite a thick gel that produces a lot of lather, leaving your body feeling super clean. It also feels kind to the skin and doesn't leave my skin dry after use. This is a repurchase after I used the bottle from the set I mentioned earlier! As well as buying the strawberry one, I went for Cocoa Butter, Mango and Sweet Lemon and can confirm these are all amazing too.

The Body Shop - Mango Body Mist

This body mist will leave you smelling irresistible! Honestly, it's so fruity and delicious I've actually been skipping wearing perfume most of the time which I never do! The scent is quite long lasting and it's nice and cooling on the skin, perfect for the summer weather.

The Body Shop - Strawberry Beautifying Oil

The description on the bottle says the oil is suitable for hair, face and body but I've only tried it on my body. First of all, yes, it's strawberry so I'm going to say it smells amazing and secondly, wow! I really, really like this! It's a dry oil so you only have to rub it for a few seconds and it sinks into the skin and isn't greasy! I was pleasantly surprised about that. It does a great job at moisturising the skin too. I've loved alternating between the body butter and this product. It makes the tedious process (for me) of body moisturising a more enjoyable one.

The Body Shop - Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub

Apologies for talking about feet, but... I've started playing badminton once a week and I've found my feet getting a bit dry after a good session so I decided to try these two products. This scrub is a real heavy duty exfoliator for the feet with a load of big scrubby bits in to slough away all of that nasty dead skin. This does wonders even after one use. I use it in the bath and step out with much softer feet. It is very minty and smells like toothpaste but I like that as you want your feet to smell fresh don't you?

The Body Shop - Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue

This is a lovely thick, minty moisturiser for your tootsies that works perfectly in combination with the scrub. It definitely does a better job than just using a regular body moisturiser which I find don't sink into the skin on the bottom of my foot as well as this.

Tangle Teezer

I'd been after this for a long time but for some reason was being a bit stingy and thought £10.99 seemed a bit expensive for this. Well, I was totally wrong, it's worth every single penny! This works so well on just washed hair. It really does brush through tangled hair easily and without pain! Every woman should own one of these.

Ralph Lauren - Big Pony Collection for Women 2

This perfume is from a new collection released a few months ago containing 4 different fragrances. I went for the pink, girly, sweet one - number 2 and it's my usual type of fragrance. I pretty much always go for super sweet scents. So when I haven't been wearing my mango body mist, I've been wearing this. I quite like number 4 as well, the purple bottle but I probably won't buy it.

Hope you enjoyed my favourites. What products have you been loving lately? Feel free to post your links :)




  1. I need to try the tangle teezer lol! Thanks for the post :)

    1. Yeah it's so good, it really works! No problem, thanks for reading :) xx

  2. Yum, I love Body Shop Body Butters, but I haven't bought one for ages. My favourite one was always a nut one, not sure what kind of nut but it smelled amazing (I know, it doesn't sound that appealing but it really is!).
    I love the idea of a fruity body mist for summer, as I tend to gravitate towards fruity perfumes at this time of year, so a mist would be a great cheaper option.
    I'm always scared to put oils on my face, but people seem to rave about them so much!
    Mel x

    1. Hehe I'll have to have a sniff of all of the body butters next time I'm in.

      Yeah the mists are great, you should try them in the shop :)

      I haven't tried an oil on my face but I'm really into serums at the minute. I would quite fancy trying the facial oils by Clarins. I don't think I would use the strawberry one on my face though! xx

  3. The Mango mist sounds lovely! Really want a tangle teezer too. Recently, I've been loving Scrub of your Life by Soap&Glory and Dr Jart's BB cream! :) x

    1. Ah it's lovely. Hehe honestly they are well worth the money :) Ooh I really want to try a Dr Jart's BB Cream. From what I've sampled on my hand they seem great, it's just the price that puts me off a bit xx

  4. I love my tangle teezer as well! I don't use anything else to brush my hair! Found you through the BBU Blog Hop x

    1. Hehe, I don't know how I managed without it! Thanks for checking out my blog, I'll check yours out xx

  5. How amazing is the bodyshop stuff!


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