Saturday, 1 September 2012

Bronzed Pale Skin

Last week I posted about the free gift 17 Cosmetics are giving away when you spend £5.99 or more. I mentioned that I don't tend to use bronzer as I'm super pale so I feel like it's too dark for my skin.

This evening I decided to try all of the products in the Get Bronzed kit to see if they would work with my skintone and I was pleased with the result.

I already knew I liked the shades of eyeshadow and lipgloss so it was the the bronze cream blush I wasn't sure about but as long as you apply a small amount at a time it looks great. I dabbed a little on to my cheek and blended with a Sigma stippling brush (F50)

Products used:
  • 17 Blow Out Mascara in Black
  • 17 Bronzed Cream Blush
  • "Smog" from the Urban Decay Naked palette
  • Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser in Porcelain
  • 17 Eyes eyeshadow in "Statuesque"
  • 17 Ultimate Volume lipgloss in "In The Nude"
  • MAC Select Cover-Up concealer in NW15
  • Benefit The Porefessional primer
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
  • Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in "Lucky"
  • MUA Clear Mascara for the brows

So not only was this a brilliant freebie, it's also shown me that I can wear bronzer without looking like I've been tangoed!

Did you pick this freebie up? What are your favourite bronzing products? Let me know :)



  1. Love the post! I'm pale too so these products seem great :) x x

    1. Aww thanks. Yeah they are, I was surprised with the cream bronze blush xx

  2. This makeup looks lovely :D I have heard great things about the eyeshadow in the freebie kit - I must try it !

    Found you through the blog hop - Beth ( x

    1. Thanks :) Yeah you need to!

      Thanks for checking out my blog, I'm going to have a look at yours now xx

  3. I love this look! You look lovely and bronzed without looking like "muddy face" (which happens to me a lottt!) love this post!!


  4. Excellent post. I use that 17 eye shadow too! 17 are great for blushes and eye shadows. Found your blog through the bbloggers unite blog hop.
    Claire x

    1. Thanks Claire :) Yeah they do some great stuff. Thanks, I'll check out your blog too xx

  5. Looks lovely, i'm also quite fair skinned and too much bronzer can end up with me looking like Jordan!!

    Love this blog and have followed, would love if you could check mine out and follow if you like.

    1. Aww I'm definitely glad I tried the bronzer :)

      Thanks so much for following, I'll check your blog out :) xx


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