Sunday, 14 October 2012

Marie Claire Freebies

You've probably seen this posted on other blogs by now but thought I'd post it just in case you haven't :)

With this month's Marie Claire magazine you get a free 30ml L'occitane Hand Cream. You can choose from 4 different kinds - regular Shea Butter or one of the limited edition Shea Butters in Rose Petals, Mango Flower or Date Bouquet. I went for Mango Flower as I love mango so hopefully it will be nice. I really like L'occitane hand creams as they are super moisturising but don't leave your hands greasy. 

You also get a second free gift this month in the form of a travel size bottle of Dove Colour Radiance Express Treatment. I'm looking forward to trying this as I bought the Intensive Repair version as part of last weekend's haul and I'm enjoying using it.

The magazine is £3.70 so it's worth it for the hand cream alone. I'm sure I'll enjoy reading the magazine too though.

Which hand cream would you prefer? Have you picked up this great freebie?


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