Saturday, 16 March 2013

L'Oreal Caresse Coeur de Perle Lipstick

I had some money left on a Boots gift card so I popped in hoping to pick up some of the new shades of Revlon Lip Butter but they were nowhere to be seen. I decided to have a little browse round the other make up stands when I spotted some new lip products I hadn't seen before at the L'Oreal stand.

Right next to the regular L'oreal Rouge Caresse Lipsticks stood these brand new Caresse lipsticks in metallic pink packaging rather than chrome. There was no information about these lipsticks and I hadn't seem them on anyone's blog so I picked them up for closer inspection. The way these differ from the original Rouge Caresse is that they have a white centre which after doing some research on the internet, I've found out is Mother of Pearl particles. The official name of this product despite it not being on the tube is L'Oreal Caresse Coeur de Perle.

L'Oreal Caresse Coeur de Perle: Coral & Floral, Pink & Angelic, Nude & Cute

The Mother of Pearl particles provide a gorgeous iridescent look to the lips combined with a hint of colour from the rest of the bullet. There are four colours in this range; Nude & Cute, Coral & Floral, Pink & Angelic and Creamy & Lacy. 

Me wearing Nude & Cute

Me wearing Pink & Angelic

Me wearing Coral & Floral

I love these lipsticks and they are perfect for daytime wear as they have that balmy finish just like the Rouge Caresse. I'm sure I'll be rocking these all through Spring and into Summer. 

Hand swatches of Coral & Floral, Pink & Angelic, Nude & Cute

I chose my three favourites from this collection but all four shades are available on the Boots website here.

Have you seen these in store? Will you be picking any up?


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