Sunday, 10 March 2013

What I've been using up lately: Empties #2

I've built up another collection of empty bottles and pots so I thought it was time to let you know my thoughts on these products. 

I go through quite a lot of conditioner compared to shampoo for some reason then once I've finished the matching conditioner I don't seem to use up the shampoo haha.

The Alberto Balsam Mandarin and Papaya Conditioner was a cheapy £1 purchase before Christmas. I didn't expect a lot from this conditioner, I just quite liked the scent so I bought it! I imagined this would be quite a thin, watery conditioner which I don't really like as they don't provide enough moisture for my hair and leave it very tangled. This was actually a nice thick-ish consistency which I found left my hair very soft and easy to brush through. I definitely recommend this and I think I will try some of the other varieties of this conditioner.

I enjoy using hair masks a few times a week to help keep my hair in good condition so I picked up this L'Oreal Elvive Triple Resist 60 Second Saviour when it was on offer in Boots about a month ago. I really like shower products that open at the bottom of the packaging as they are easier to use. This product is for fragile hair and I'm not sure it strengthened my hair at all but it was certainly pleasant to use. It only needs 60 seconds on the hair to provide hydration so that's great and it didn't weigh my hair down either. I'm not sure if I'll repurchase this but that's only because I like trying lots of different products!

Over the years I've tried lots of the Aussie range and when I saw there was a new "Miracle Shine" collection I had to try some. I bought the shampoo and this 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment. As with all Aussie products this smells amazing so that's a definite plus point with this one. I didn't notice a massive difference in the levels of shine in my hair but unusually for a blondie, I have quite shiny hair normally anyway. I think next time I buy one of the 3 Minute Miracles I will go for a more hydrating version as they are a bit thicker and I prefer that.

VO5 Treat Me Right was another "Ooh it's on offer" in Boots type purchase so I hadn't really read anything about this product. It's quite a nice mask that contains 5 different oils to help nourish the hair. This pot lasted quite a while and I enjoyed the results as it made my hair really smooth but I don't really like using pots in the shower! It's hard to use it in a shower cubicle as there's no where to put the pot down whilst smoothing the handful of product through your hair before closing the pot so you end up with water getting in and diluting it! Once I move to a flat with a shower over the bath I may give this another go though.

The bottle of Philosophy Sugar Plum Fairy was one of my Boxing Day Sales purchases and it was a great bargain due to the normally quite high prices Philosophy charge. I always enjoy the quality of their shower gels as they are thick and create a really nice lather. They also come in some great fragrances. This one also smells great but I think I get sick of the Christmas fragrances when I'm using them in January/February as there's nothing to get excited about anymore! Haha. Glad this wasn't a full size one otherwise I would have wasted it. 

The Elemis Skin Nourishing Shower Cream came from the QVC TSV I got for Christmas and it's such a luxurious product. It smells like fresh linen and really nourishes the skin whilst cleaning it. My skin felt soft for hours after using this. You only need a small amount of this product to create lots of bubbles on your shower scrunchie too. As much as I love this product and thoroughly recommend it, I won't be repurchasing it. It costs £22.00 for this 300ml bottle and it only lasted me around 2 weeks. Even then I was trying to ration it out and not use it for every shower!

I got this tiny bottle of The Sanctuary Body Wash as part of a gift set for Christmas but it's a product I've used many times before. I love the scent of this product, it's quite a spicy, sexy, grown-up scent that is so enjoyable to use in the shower. This product also leaves your skin super soft due to all of the essential oils and little jojoba beads. The full size version only costs £5.50 so I will definitely repurchase this at some point as it's a well loved favourite of mine.

I don't get through a lot of body scrubs as I don't tend to keep them in the shower so I forget to use them but when I sniffed the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush one in Boots, I had to have it! It's a gorgeous, fruity, lime and brown sugar scented scrub. This is an amazing scrub to use as it's very exfoliating but it also leaves the skin smooth and hydrated due to the almond oil. After using this product there was always a lovely smell in my bathroom! The one negative thing I have to say about this is the fact that it comes in a pot. As I mentioned with the hair mask, I tend to get water inside these pots which spoils the product a little! I would definitely buy this again though.

The Galvin & Galvin Kids Dubble Trubble 2 in 1 Shampoo & Body Washes were nicely fragranced which is why I bought them in the first place. I love bananas and cherries so they seemed perfect! Also they are free from SLS and parabens so that was another great point. I didn't really enjoy using these products though because they were a nightmare to use! They look like they are in handy, easy to squeeze tubes but the opening in the lid must have been too small or something because no matter how hard I squeezed the tube, only a tiny amount of product would be dispensed! It was hard trying to squeeze with one hand on to my shower scrunchie as well. Considering these products are for kids, I'm not sure how they would have the strength to use them!

Finally on to the Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel, a limited edition Christmas product. I've repurchased this every Christmas for the last few years but I'm not sure I'll buy it anymore. I think I'm going off it unfortunately. I really like sickly, sweet scents which this is but for some reason it really makes me cough in the shower when I use it! Also, the grout in between the shower tiles gets really stained from the pink gel and I find it difficult to remove! I feel sad thinking I may not purchase this next year but I may change my mind by then.

Wow, this was a long post! Hope this has been useful if you've been thinking about trying any of these products. Let me know if you've used any of these products and what your thoughts are :)


  1. I do love the Aussie 3 minute miracles, they make my hair smell so nice! I really want to try the Galvin & Galvin products after reading this- for the cute packaging alone! :) Where did you get them from? x

    1. Ah they are great :) I got the Galvin & Galvin products from Morrisons. Yeah the packaging is cute! xx

  2. Thanks for you "empties post", I think we have a similar random bargain buying style =)


    Want to follow me too?

    1. Ah you're welcome, glad you liked it :)

      Thanks for your link, I'll check your blog out now :) xx

  3. I have the Sugar Crush scrub but I just found it too sweet for me.. I think the Breakfast Scrub would be more up my street! I really want to try the coconut Alberto Balsam shampoo.. it smells amazing! xx

    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Aww that's a shame! Ooh I've always fancied trying the Breakfast Scrub, it looks sooo good! Ah I just bought the coconut one and it's really good too :) xx


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