Monday, 17 June 2013

Amsterdam - June 2013

I've just had a lovely week off work and spent a few of those days in Amsterdam. I'm more of a city person than a lying on the beach sunbathing person so I love my city breaks. The flight only takes around an hour from Newcastle and easyJet flights are pretty cheap so it didn't cost much to get there.

There is lots to do in Amsterdam but to be honest, my fiance and I didn't plan a lot of activities as we wanted to just explore when we arrived and do what ever we fancied at the time. There is so much walking to be done so I was glad I had comfy shoes with me! With so many bars, cafes and restaurants there are plenty of places to re-fuel and people watch.

I hadn't been to a Madame Tussards before so we went there as well as doing things like canal boat trips, souvenir shopping and lots of eating! I especially enjoyed the famous fries that are served in a cone with mayonnaise and I loved the waffles too!

I was really impressed (and grateful!) that everyone spoke English. Other countries are so much better at speaking other languages compared with the UK!

Schipol Airport is amazing too. There are so many shops, it's better than some shopping centres!

Thought I'd share some of my holiday snaps with you, hope you enjoy them :)




  1. aww it looks great :) I really fancy going to Amsterdam. xx

    1. Thanks, you should definitely go. It's a fab city! xx

  2. Looks like a fabulous trip! Amsterdam is so beautiful. I'm hoping to go there next year, any tips on good places to go?xx

    1. Ah it was so good Mel :) It's easy to walk around the full city centre so I'd say just go and explore really. If you're into museums then there are plenty of those but I didn't do that. You should definitely have a canal tour as that's a great way of seeing the city xx


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