Thursday, 12 September 2013

Clothes Haul - September 2013

This week I've had a lovely relaxing week off from work and although I set myself a mission not to buy any makeup this month, I knew I would be splashing out on some clothes. Because I'm not massively happy with my body and I'm more obsessed with makeup, I don't tend to buy clothes that often but I decided I needed some new bits and pieces after living in baggy jeans and vest tops for a bit too long.

I've really struggled to find jeans that fit me lately. I must be inbetween clothes sizes as I find them either too big around the waist or the next size down I can't get past my thighs! It's so annoying as it's left me walking round in jeans that fall down all of the time which isn't very comfortable. Since I've had more time to look around this week, I decided to pop into Marks & Spencer to see what they had. This isn't normally a shop I would buy clothes from as it's a bit off putting when you pick up clothes that 60 odd year old women are also looking at! Anyway, I hit their denim section and surprising found lots of pairs that I really liked. They weren't at all granny-ish and they have quite a big range. I took about 8 pairs into the changing rooms and ended up purchasing 2 of them as they were the perfect fit for me. They are both skinny jeans and the prices were very reasonable, only £25.00 for the pair on the left and £19.50 for the pair on the right. If you're struggling to find jeans that fit, I'd highly recommend you take a look in M&S. 


Whilst in M&S, I spotted that we (Newcastle) now have one of the fancy beauty halls with fab brands like REN, Jurlique and more so I picked up a few sachets of the Apivita face masks as I've been liking the look of them when I've seen them on blogs. I chose the Express Beauty with Orange and the Express Beauty with Pink Clay. They were £3 each but they each contain two sachets which I think is a good price.

Last week I was eyeing up a faux leather jacket in Warehouse but at £58.00, I wasn't sure whether to get it or not. This all changed when I spotted it in Debenhams with 20% off though so I managed to get it for £46.40 which I think is great. It will make a nice change from my black jackets anyway! Something else I picked up in the 20% off event was the jumper dress from the Red Herring range. I think this will go nicely with leggings and boots in the colder months.


Lately I've spent a lot of time browsing the New Look website and I've spotted quite a few nice things both clothes and shoes! I prefer to buy in store so I can try things on so I held off ordering anything and had a long look around my local one. I bought a lovely blue chiffon style shirt that was extremely difficult to photograph, my camera just wouldn't focus on it for some reason! I've been loving boyfriend style t-shirts recently so I picked up a grey one to add to my collection. The purple and blue rose print dress was something I spotted on their website so I was pleased to see it in store as I just love the pattern. I bought this to go with leggings/tights and boots too. I've seen a lot of chunky jewellery on blogs over the last year or so and I've always been tempted to buy some but I don't often wear jewellery so I never got round to buying some. The prices are pretty good in New Look though so when I spotted the necklace for only £5.99 I had to have it! I picked up the earrings for £2.99. 

One of the main reasons I headed to New Look was for some boots as I need a few pairs for the Autumn/Winter. I already had in mind that I wanted something black with gold detailing so these Boots were perfect. I didn't necessarily want a heel but since it's not massive they should be ok. I'll be buying some flat boots soon though too. I'm not really into buying expensive shoes as I would be gutted if they got wrecked so I quite like buying going out shoes and winter boots from New Look as they tend to be around £15-£30 which is great.

At H&M I picked up a nice dark blue jumper and some straight leg black trousers with gold zip detailing around the top. The trousers were a massive bargain at £14.99 and they feel like they are good quality so I'm pleased with those.

Because the Newcastle Primark is massive now, I can spend around an hour and a half in there at a time! Despite being in there for so long I only spent a fiver on this nice blue vest top with gold chain straps. I think they had this in black and white versions too. I don't know what it is with my camera but I really struggled to photograph this top as well. It must be this shade of blue! Anyone else unable to focus their camera on this shade of blue? (I use a Canon 600D).

Finally I did have a little trip to Boots but I was fairly good. I picked up a copy of Look magazine which I rarely buy these days but it's still my favourite of the weeklies. I also picked up the free Boots magazine as I quite enjoy reading that and seeing what products are available. Even if I have probably seen them on a dozen blogs already! I really liked the look of the Imperial Leather Foamburst body washes, the packaging is gorgeous and they have some interesting scents. They were on offer for £2 so I picked up the Rebalancing Green Tea & Jasmine and Bewitching Blackberry & Wild Fig scents. They should be a good change from my usual sickly sweet scented shower products! I think I managed to get round my September make up ban by buying Colgate toothpaste that came with a free Nails Inc nail polish. That's ok right?! They have two shades of red available, a regular glossy red and a metallic red which I chose as I thought it would be great for December! 

Have you been filling up your wardrobe ready for Autumn/Winter?
Let me know what you've been buying and which shops/websites are your current favourites.


  1. nice haul I have the chain strapped top in black and I love the sound of the shower foams xx

  2. Love the chain top from Primark and the body foam looks interesting!


  3. Those boots are fab, I love the gold highlights on them!

  4. I love those boots!! I've seen some gorgeous ones in h&m that I'm gonna pick up on payday next week x

  5. Ooh love the Warehouse leather jacket and the Primark top with chain straps, so pretty! I'm from Newcastle too :) xx

  6. Really love the rose dress from New Look very pretty

  7. Looks like you had a successful shopping trip! I haven't started my A/W wardrobe yet but I probably will soon. Can't wait to get some pretty jumpers :)


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