Friday, 1 November 2013

Boots Star Gift: Ted Baker - The Great and the Gorgeous

In the run up to Christmas, Boots have a special offer on each week where they have one of their Christmas gifts on for half price or slightly less than half price! I'm not always interested in these offers as I don't really have anyone to buy beauty gifts for and I'm not always willing to buy them for myself but I couldn't resist this weeks.

This set by Ted Baker is called 'The Great and the Gorgeous' and first of all I love the packaging! It's pink, has a floral design on the back AND has rose gold! Perfect! Of course the contents are pretty good too! I'm impressed by the quality of these products as I'm not one for cheapy makeup sets. The original price of this gift is £40 but you can get it for £19 for the next week (until 7th November 2013) or until it sells out.

The contents:
  • 1 pale pink nail polish
  • 1 glittery gold nail polish
  • 1 pale pink/champagne cream eyeshadow
  • 1 pink glitter eyeshadow
  • 1 pinky red lip crayon
  • 1 plum lip crayon
  • 1 pair of false eyelashes with glue
  • 1 thin felt tip style eyeliner
  • 1 set of 4 eye makeup brushes
  • 1 pale pink liquid illuminator
  • 1 bronze-gold liquid illuminator
  • 1 powder bronzing compact

I'm loving so much of this kit. The cream eyeshadow is a gorgeous colour, the lip crayons are really pigmented and glossy, the false lashes look nice and natural, the pink colour of the brushes is so nice, love the illuminators and the bronzing compact is so pretty and not orange! The quality of the brushes isn't the best but you're not paying a fortune for this set. The glitter eyeshadow has lots of fall out and isn't pigmented enough to wear on its own but layered over the cream shadow looks good.

I was thinking if you were buying this as a gift you could split it up into lots of little gifts if you are on a budget. The individual products would make great little stocking fillers too.

If you are interested in buying this, the link for the Boots website is here and I spotted this YouTube video from their Facebook page. It's worth a little watch as it shows you how the glitter eyeshadow looks over the cream shadow.

Are you tempted to buy this?
Which gifts are you hoping get reduced to half price during the run up to Christmas?


  1. I do love a gift set, I often find them a bit naff though! I would rather spend the money on one or two decent products. Saying that, I do like the look of this kit, Ted Baker have done well!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. That looks really nice, I got the Ted Baker lip crayon set in the sale last year and they are really nice

  3. This is a lovely gift set. I like the look of the nail polish and the brushes are a cute colour

  4. This set looks lovely, I totally ignored it when I saw it in store today but after reading this I might take another look!

  5. omg i saw this in boots and was so tempted to buy it but I didn't have enough money on me:( It looks amazing

  6. I have just recently bought this set for myself and another to split up for Christmas. I agree it's amazing, the np's dry quickly, everything is just really well pigmented and great. I really like the brushes actually, the one I was sceptical about was the brush that came with a little protector, the bristles are a little firmer than the rest but then I found out it was a lip brush and it all made sense! Great gift set :D xxx

  7. I really like this blog post and thank for information about

  8. This is like a giant goody bag! :)

  9. I really love the pinky lip crayon I got in this set and I've used it so much I've almost completely finished it since Christmas and I am heartbroken! Can't seem to find the same thing for sale anywhere without buying a whole tin, when half of the colours don't suit me! Do you have any recommendations of where I can buy something similar or even the same thing? Thanks so much!x


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