Saturday, 23 November 2013

New Makeup Storage

Last weekend I made a very exciting trip to Ikea to finally purchase an 'Alex'! My make up collection has been getting out of control lately and it's been stored in lots of different places which has meant it's hard to see what I've got and things get forgotten about. I wanted to go for the wide 6 drawer version (link) which comes with castors that you can put on the bottom but I didn't want those on. This unit is also £90 like the usual 9 drawer version (link) people seem to buy but I fancied having more of a surface to put things on top.

I'm not really going to talk at an individual product level, I just thought you might like to see how I've filled mine in case you're thinking of buying one. Feel free to tell me how ridiculous this much makeup is for one person. I've been into buying beauty products for years but I don't think I'd have this much if I wasn't a blogger! Oh and before I forget, this doesn't include my vast nail polish collection so if anyone has any ideas for storing nail polish that would be fantastic. I have around 200 bottles (at least!) but I'm looking to get rid of some of the older ones. They are currently stored in two glossy boxes plus a massive box that I had from a Christmas gift set a few years ago.

So lets see how I've loaded my makeup into this unit... (Note: drawers are shown from top to bottom and the top three drawers are more shallow than the bottom three, as you can probably tell from the photo above)

Lipsticks, glosses, crayons, balms, etc:

Blushers, bronzers, powder highlighters, a few Benefit Cosmetics kits:

Eyeshadows, crayons, mascaras, eyeliners:

Foundations, BB/CC creams, tinted moisturisers, powders, primers, concealers, liquid highlighter:


Skincare bits:

On top of the unit I've got my daily skincare and usual makeup items. The pink pots are actually plant pots from Ikea for £1 each and I thought they were a really cute colour so had to have them. (link here - although they are £1.75 not £1 as I paid) They would be great for makeup brushes.

How do you store your makeup?
Do you have the 'Alex' or have you gone for something more original?


  1. This looks great, love your collection x

  2. oh wow I love your collection, that lip product drawer is just amazing! I really want either this or the tall Alex drawers, but they wont go with my ivory dressing table :( The Ikea Helmer drawer set seems to be popular for storing nail polish if you have the space for more drawers xx

  3. I love your collection, that storage looks amazing!

    Hannah Heartss xxx

  4. Very tempted to buy this unit now! Your makeup looks so wonderfully organised ♥

    Holly |

  5. This is a very good idea.
    Love your collection too!
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  6. Great collection! Glad u like your new storage 😅😊

  7. The drawers are gorgeous! :)
    You have so much make up, mine would probably fit all in one drawer haha!
    I do have loads of wardrobes of clothes instead though!

  8. So jealous of your lip product drawer! So many amazing products! x


  9. Wow! I would buy the smaller one too as the tall large one would be way too big for me. I bet you had fun sorting all of that out :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  10. Ah Suzy I'm so jealous of how organised you are!! Look at everything looking new in their makeups currently in lots of makeup bags on top of drawers and scattered across the floor. Whoops!! You're putting me to shame here need to get my backside in gear!xxx

  11. I love this!!! You have such an impressive collection! I'm so envious! Love this post :)

    Faye xx

  12. I've been renting a unit here for quite some time and I love this place (never thought I'd say that about a storage place, but there it is!). I've rented other spaces in years past, but the service and location here just can not be beat!
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  13. I have that same drawer just in black and I absolutely love it. These drawers are perfect for storing makeup and nail polishes :-)

    Love, Christine♥

  14. WOW you have A LOT of makeup! JEL xx


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