Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sorting My Life Out - Weight Loss

As you will have already guessed, this post is going to be about weight loss, something I've never mentioned on my blog but if you follow me on Instagram / Twitter you have probably seen me talk about this.

So there are lots of things I've been unhappy with lately. First off, my weight was a big issue. I've always been overweight, I was always the most chubby out of my friends at school and then I've gradually added up to 3 stone on throughout university and working life. This is largely due to my love of eating out, takeaways and sweet foods. I guess I've always rewarded myself with food, seen it as something to do, something to look forward to, something to cheer myself up with, any excuse really. Over the last few years I've gone on healthy eating and fitness kicks where I've managed to lose around a stone but I wasn't 100% healthy eating as I was going to the gym and was allowing myself treats due to all of my hard work. I managed to do this last Summer but this year has been particularly hard as I've ended up moving jobs several times before going back to where I was at the beginning of last year. I got really unhappy each time I moved jobs, feeling like I was getting further and further away from what I wanted and this certainly made me eat a lot more bad food to cheer myself up as well as spending a lot of money in the shops. I also noticed physical problems like excruciating stomach pains that lasted for hours most days as well as hair loss. These were the main deciders in returning to my original employer!

Starting back at my old workplace in January coincided with a friend joining Slimming World and when she told me all about it, it seemed like a fantastic and fairly easy way to lose weight. I already had it in my mind that this year I really wanted to make a difference to my weight and with the huge weight (ha!) off my shoulders work-wise, I felt like I needed to grab this opportunity. There are definitely some bloggers who I'd been inspired by prior to this as well and I knew how amazing the results can be if you stick to a healthy eating lifestyle. If you're interested, I'm talking about Alice's (Bright Town Girl) amazing transformation, Laura's (All-Made-Up-21) fabulous Slimming World journey, Katie's (Sugarfixxbeauty) weight post and Holly's (twinklelashes) 'How I Lost Weight' video.

I'm in my 8th week of Slimming World now and I thought it would be a good chance to let you know about it, if you're interested. I know a lot of people are liking my food photos on Instagram anyway. I've lost 15 lbs in 7 weeks and I'm so pleased with that as I haven't felt starving on this plan. There are lots of foods that you can eat in unlimited amounts such as fruit, vegetables, pasta, rice, extra lean meat and more. You can even eat things like cheese and bread in small amounts and have a certain amount of 'syns' to use up on things like chocolate. Seriously, I've been eating chocolate pretty much every day on this plan! The key is being clever with your syns and going for smaller bars to get the maximum from my daily allowance. The main change I've had to make to my lifestyle is to cook a lot more from scratch and to cut out takeaways/meals out. I don't remember the last time I've gone 7 weeks without a takeaway! I think because a lot of food is 'allowed' I haven't felt too deprived and I've got in the habit of trying to make my own healthy versions of takeaways. I've enjoyed making food from scratch, it's very satisfying eating a tasty meal that you've created. I suppose the hardest part is changing your food up. I've got my meals that I like to make every week such as bolognese but you need to put in a bit of time and effort in researching new ideas to keep you on track. I've recently found Pinterest is great for this as you can look at the food you like the look of and click on the links to view the recipes.

I've mentioned that I've previously lost a stone and given up and now I'm at that amount of weight loss again but I feel like it's different this time around. Having a weekly Slimming World class gives me a mini goal to work towards each week for starters. Secondly, I normally go gym crazy and have to fit in making healthy meals around this which makes me get lazy as who wants to wake up, go to work, go to the gym, cook meals, have a small amount of time to relax before it begins all over again. I feel like just tackling my eating first is allowing me to stay focused on this and exercise will come later. I am planning on taking up badminton at weekends again but I know I will need to do more than this in the long term. I'm looking to lose roughly another 2 stone on top of my current weight loss so I'm pretty excited about the next 7 weeks to see how much more weight I can lose in that time. It's crazy how I've spent so much time hating myself and it really doesn't take that much time to change things. I'd certainly like to be happy with my weight once and for all before I'm 30, which is next year, aarrrggh! (There are actually quite a few things I need/want to do before I'm 30, hence the 'Sorting My Life Out' title!).

So this post has turned out to be quite long! I was originally planning on talking about some of the recipes I've been trying out but it looks like I'll need to save that for another post. I guess this is an introduction into why I'm on this weight loss journey and how I'm tackling it this time around.

Let me know if you are on a weight loss journey or perhaps if you've got a success story you want to share.
I'd love to know if sharing recipes, packed lunch ideas, etc would be useful to you too :)


  1. Congratulations on your weight loss, Suzy! I've been dieting since the new year and I've lost 23.8lbs. I'm doing The Harcombe Diet which I am loving. There are a couple of posts on my blog about it, including a before and a current after pic. Eek! I won't put a link here because I don't want you to think I am spamming you, but you should be able to find me on Bloglovin if you're interested. I've still got a fair way to go, 22lbs, and I know it will take time, but I can do it! You can too! Good luck with your journey. CJ xx

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    1. Sorry, I did a massive typo! ^
      Congrats on your weight loss and I really love seeing your instagram recipes! :) xx

  3. Good luck with it, you've done brilliantly so far. I'm currently trying to gradually lose 3 stone but I'm not doing it on a plan or anything, just trying to do it myself. I've managed to lose half a stone so far but seem to have plateaued a bit at the moment. Keep going.

  4. i started slimming world in january too and feel the same way, i usually give up around a stone as the diet was too restrictive but i'm still so motivated and feel like i can really do it this time. congrats and keep going!

  5. That is an amazing weight loss! I'm on my own weight loss mission at the moment and it is really hard to make a lifestyle change! I love eating out, and I'm the same as you - it's something to do! Especially because where I live there really isn't anything interesting or fun to do!

    Keep up the hard work! You'll reach your goal in no time :)

  6. Congratulations! It sounds like you're on a path to success!

    I've done it the opposite of you - I found exercise I loved to do and focused on what my body could do instead of what it looked like. I *kinda* followed the meal plans that came with my exercise programs, but I wasn't too terribly strict with it (I love to eat).
    Anyway, the weight just kind of took care of itself. I have a few extra pounds still, but it's all vanity weight and I don't care anymore. I'm much more excited about how far I can run without stopping and how much more weight I can lift.

  7. Well done and keep at it, I would love to see recipe posts! Xx



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