Monday, 28 April 2014

iPhone 5S Cases

This month I was able to upgrade my phone! Woohoo! Goodbye iPhone 4S, hello iPhone 5S! Yes, I really was excited about it haha. Anyway, it basically means I can get lots of new phone cases to make my new phone look all snazzy. Even if I am actually loving having a white and gold iPhone for a change after two black ones.

I very gratefully received this Orla Kiely* one (link) and I think the design is really cute. It's quite a sturdy case too as it's more of a rubber material that grips around your phone rather than one that would fall off or crack. I think it's quite fun to match your iPhone cases to your outfits or nails! It certainly gives me an excuse to own more than one anyway ;)

I've already got my eye on several more cases including the ones below:

Clockwise from top left: Contour Kate Spade Case for iPhone 5 (link), Michael Kors Clutch Wallet Case for iPhone 5 (link), Marc by Marc Jacobs Pickles iPhone Cover (link) and Kate Spade Harrison Stripe iPhone Case (link).

I just love the cute Kate Spade designs, I'm obsessed with Michael Kors and I'm also obsessed with Paris and French Bulldogs so these are all perfect for me!

Do you have an iPhone? What cases do you have and recommend?

If you're looking to get an iPhone 5S, Three Mobile have some reasonably priced contracts here if you fancy a look. The upfront cost is low too compared to other networks! iPhone contracts tend to be rather expensive so any pennies you can save on the contract (and phone) means extra accessories! Haha hope you like my justification ;)

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  1. The marc jacobs one is so cute, and you really can't go wrong with Kate Spade. Lovely post, have fun with your new phone! x


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