Sunday, 25 May 2014

My Favourite Cleansers // Dehydrated and blemished skin

As a sufferer of hormonal breakouts for over 10 years, it took me a long time to find cleansers that were suitable for my skin. I always used to think I had oily skin and chose the harsh teenage spot clearing, foaming face washes from Boots or Superdrug. These used to make my face feel so tight and dry but I thought that was just a part of trying to get rid of the spots.

Over the last few years, in addition to realising that I have quite dry and dehydrated skin rather than oily, I've discovered hot cloth cleansers, cleansing balms and butters. Back in the day, I would have assumed they would be too rich for my skin and cause even more spots. I came to realise they are exactly what my skin needs though! I thought I'd share my favourite ones with you today and they range in price so there should be something for everyone but the thing that is common with all of these products is that they cleanse my skin perfectly without stripping the moisture or causing more spots. Perfect! Want to know more?

SAVE - The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter (£12 The Body Shop link, usually available on a 40% off deal though)

This repurchased gem was a really good find! It may look like a tub of lard but it's the most amazing soft butter that melts into an oil when you spread it across your face. It feels luxurious on the skin, almost like a treatment, so it seems like it's worth more than its £12 price tag. This leaves my skin feeling hydrated and clean. It's even great for around the eye area as it doesn't sting at all.

SPEND - REN Rosa Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser (£16 REN link)

When this launched earlier this year, I actually assumed this would be more expensive than £16 as REN tends to be quite pricey. Obviously, £16 still isn't cheap but it's definitely a lot more reasonable than other high end cleansers. The thing I love most about this cleanser is the beautiful rose scent. It makes it such a pleasure to use this product. The texture of this cleanser is like a thick lotion and it feels quite soothing on application. This also leaves my skin feeling moisturised and clean. I do find this sometimes stings my eyes a little though, however this doesn't happen every time. Weird! I love this enough to put up with that though!

SPLURGE - Elemis Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser (£29 Time to Spa link)

This was actually the product that got me into the whole cream cleanser phase. Elemis sometimes do some great value sets where you can try multiple full size products for a reduced price so after watching this demonstrated on QVC UK several times and lusting after it, I ended up picking up the value set from Debenhams. I'm so glad I did this as my skin might have still been dry and flaky to this day! This is a thick cream-like consistency that feels the most luxurious of the three and it has a really fresh, herbal scent that I adore. I love massaging this one into my skin and breathing in the scent to help me relax at night. This is the most hydrating out of three cleansers and also still leaves my skin with a fresh, clean feeling. I honestly believe this cleanser is worth the money but even better if you can get it in a value set or a QVC UK TSV which is how I've purchased it several times since the first bottle. After a break away from this cleanser for a while, it feels really good to have it back in my collection as I almost forgot how good it is!

WISHLIST - Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel (£32.50 Cult Beauty link)

The next cleanser on my wishlist was the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel after seeing other bloggers raving about it. Notice I said was? Yep, I've already bought it! But I guess you may already know that if you've watched my Space.NK and Selfridges haul...

What is your favourite cleanser?
Have you tried any of my favourites?

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  1. I've been loving The Body Shop camomille range recently!


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