Sunday, 29 June 2014

The perfect combo // NARS Laguna Bronzer and MAC MSF in Soft & Gentle

Lately I've been experimenting with bronzing and highlighting as I don't usually go for this look when I'm doing my makeup. I'm often nervous about using bronzer on my pale skin as it can end up looking too over the top or orange if it's done wrong and highlighters aren't always the right shade for my skin.

I asked for the cult bronzer of the blogging world, NARS Laguna, for Christmas but didn't get round to trying it. Well, in my defense, bronzer is more of a Summer product anyway, right?! So now that it's Summer I whipped it out along with a recent purchase. I've often seen the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle on other blogs and thought it looked great on them but wasn't sure if it would be the right shade for my skin tone. As I have cool toned, pale skin, golds don't always look that good on me. On a bit of whim this month I decided that I needed it.

I've spent a bit of time trying to work out how to apply these best on my skin and I think I've got a good thing going on now so thought I'd share it.

The NARS Laguna Bronzer (link) is quite a dark brown in the pan and has a slight shimmer running through it. To pale skinned beauties it can look rather daunting I think. I'm glad I got this though as it really can work on pale skin. I take a light dusting of the powder on a Sigma F30 (Large Powder) brush (link) and blend it in to the hollows of my cheeks. I also take a bit over my temples and down my jawline for a slimming effect. Adding a bit of the bronzer at a time means you can build up the intensity to achieve the look you want. I am only looking for a subtle bronzed effect which can easily be done with this product but you could also get a stronger look with this if you have a darker skin tone than me.

The texture of this bronzer is super smooth so it's very blendable. I find that the slight shimmer you see in the pan doesn't really show on my cheeks either which I really like. Another great thing about this is that it doesn't have any orange tones in it so it looks more natural on the skin. Once I've applied the bronzer I like to sweep my Real Techniques Powder Brush (link) around the edges to make sure I don't have an obvious stripe of bronzer in comparison to my pale skin.

If you're a MAC fan, you might have noticed that the packaging on the Mineralize Skinfinishes has been updated. I'm not 100% sure I like it compared with the old style but I guess it's not bad! Anyway, the main star of the show is the actual product here so I'm going to get on with talking about that!

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle (link) is a gorgeous gold colour that I find isn't too warm or cool. It's a beautiful shade that doesn't look harsh against my pale skin and it has a buttery smooth texture that makes it easy to apply and blend. I use the Real Techniques Contour Brush (link) to sweep this over my cheekbones and sometimes across the brow bone. The product has a fine shimmer to it that looks stunning when the light catches it. I find that you get the perfect glow with this and it really brings out my cheekbones when paired with the Laguna bronzer. For an inner corner highlight on the eyes, I use the Real Techniques Detailer Brush (link) as it's the perfect size for that area.

Once I've applied the highlighter to the cheekbones I go back in with the Real Techniques Powder Brush to make sure everything is blended and I don't have a harsh line between the bronzer and highlighter.

I'm loving this look and I think these products work amazingly well together. As you can see, you can use them to get a natural look on pale skin but I think these shades would go well on all skin tones as you can just build up the intensity to suit your needs.

What do you think of my bronzed and highlighted look?
Have you tried these products?
I'd love to know what products you use for bronzing and highlighting :)

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Rituals Shanti Chakra // Indian Rose & Sweet Almond Oil

I haven't really used many Rituals products. I think I've only tried their shower mousses which are really nice but for some reason I was having a browse of the Rituals section in Fenwick a few months ago and saw the Shanti Chakra Indian Rose & Sweet Almond Oil (link). As I'm massively in love with rose scented things lately, I decided to pick this product up for closer inspection. This obviously lead to me buying it! Oops!

This product smells AMAZING! It's not a true rose scent because it's mixed with sweet almond oil but it's just really sensual and sexy. Whenever I have this on, I can't stop sniffing myself, it's just a really beautiful scent. Now I've got over how good the scent is, I better tell you about the main purpose of the product! It's a caring body oil spray which I really like as oils can get a bit messy so I like being able to spritz a fine mist over the body to massage into the skin. It takes a few minutes to sink in then your skin is left silky smooth. It's not as quite as nourishing as something like a body butter but that means you're not left with a heavy product sitting on the skin. I think I'll be using this a lot over the Summer months.

Have you tried many products from Rituals?
Let me know what your favourites are :)

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Skincare Favourites // Dehydrated and Blemished Skin

I have quite dehydrated skin and suffer from hormonal breakouts on my chin area that leave red scars on my pale skin for months. Lately I've found a good combination of products that have been keeping my skin a lot more hydrated and breakout free so I thought I'd let you know what I've been using. This post doesn't include cleansers as I already wrote a blog post on my favourites last month (link).

I've really fallen in love with La Roche-Posay products as they seem to be really effective, don't irritate the skin and aren't too costly. The Physiological Soothing Toner (link) is an amazing toner as it's gentle on the skin, has a lovely soothing scent and really calmed my skin down.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo+ (link) can be used all over the face but I use this as a moisturiser for my chin only and I've found that the breakouts I had, reduced fairly quickly. Any twinges I've felt under my skin where a spot would have normally formed have completely disappeared after using this and the spot didn't raise its ugly head (pun intended!). I've also noticed a reduction in spot scars which is fantastic as I hate it when I look like I have loads of spots when I don't and they are just marks left from spots I had months ago! I tend to use this product mostly in the morning and at night time where I feel like a spot could possibly be coming on, I've been using the La Roche-Posay Effaclar A.I. (link) and again, it's stopped the spot in its tracks! The Effaclar A.I. is more of a targetted breakout corrector and Effaclar Duo+ is more of a whole face moisturiser/treatment but I find that neither of them are drying at all on the skin which is something that tends to be the case with other blemish treatments. I'm so glad I discovered both of these products.

The La Roche-Posay Hydraphase UV Intense Riche SPF20 (link) has been my 'rest of my face' daytime moisturiser for several months and it's perfect for my skin. It provides the perfect amount of moisture without being too heavy. It's more of a lotion texture than a cream so it's still quite light, despite being 'intense'. You can get both light and riche versions of this moisturiser and they both come in SPF and non SPF formulas so I'd definitely be interested in those as well but I've definitely been loving the SPF20 version as it's started to get a bit warmer in the UK. I'm going to switch to some higher SPF products for the next few months but I'll be looking to repurchase the Hydraphase later in the year.

I've tried so many eye creams over the years and this Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream (link) is one of the best. It doesn't feel super heavy on the eyes but it's really moisturising and creates a really good base for my concealer. It's not cheap at £31.00 but I'm happy to pay that price for this product as it really works well on me.

I mentioned the Josie Maran Argan Infinity Intensive Creamy Oil (link) in a recent post here about my favourite Josie Maran products but I'll just quickly say that I use this at night time for an intensely hydrating boost for my skin that makes it look radiant by morning. The perfect, daytime friendly version of this is the Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil Light (link). It's an oil, as the name suggests, and it just feels so luxurious on the skin. It melts into the skin straight away on application and it really adds a lot of moisture to the skin without any grease. I use this instead of a serum before my moisturiser and it just adds a nice extra layer of hydration. I find that my makeup goes on very smoothly if I've used this as part of my routine.

Some additional night time products in my stash are the Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil (link) and the Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment (link). I use the Clarins oil about once a week before bed and my skin just drinks this up overnight and I wake up feeling super smooth and my skin has a glow that shines through under any makeup I've got on. The Elemis eye treatment is a light serum that is dispensed using a pipette. A few drops are all I need for both eyes and this is another super hydrating product that leaves my under eye area really moisturised by morning.

So these are the products that are doing well for me at the moment. 
What skincare products are you getting great results with?

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Klorane Shampoo with Peony

I have quite a sensitive scalp that is often itchy so I usually have to use a shampoo like Head & Shoulders once or twice a week to calm my scalp down in between using regular shampoo. I'm always on the lookout for other shampoos to try for sensitive or itchy scalps so because I love French products I thought I'd pick this Klorane Shampoo with Peony (link) up from John Lewis.

The packaging on this product is a little old fashioned and the shampoo surprisingly has quite a strong floral scent. Normally sensitive products are unperfumed! Anyway, this scent doesn't linger in the hair and I find the shampoo really good for soothing my scalp. I use this every 3rd or 4th wash of my hair and I have really noticed a reduction in the itchiness. The shampoo also gets my hair lovely and clean without stripping or adding too much moisture.

I think this is a great option for those with itchy, sensitive scalps who are looking for something a bit different to the usual Head & Shoulders options. At £6.00 it isn't too pricey either so I would definitely recommend this.

Have you tried any products by Klorane?
Do you have any other shampoo recommendations for itchy scalps?

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Josie Maran // Argan Oil Products

As you probably know, I've gone a bit crazy ordering from Sephora since they started shipping to the UK in February. Check out hauls one, two and three for the evidence! Some of the products I bought were pretty hyped up in the blogging world but some things I hadn't really heard of. That's where these Josie Maran products come in. I think I've heard a Josie Maran hand cream mentioned by an American YouTuber once but that's about it. I was pretty interested in trying some of the range though so something from the brand has slipped into all three of my orders!

The signature ingredient in Josie Maran products is Argan Oil as Josie wanted to create a high quality range with non toxic, healthy ingredients. I've picked my favourites from the products I've tried so far so I can let you know all about them.

My first Josie Maran product was the Argan Lip Treatment. It seems to have disappeared from the Sephora site but here it is on the Josie Maran site (if you're from the USA). I was definitely attracted to this because of the cute packaging. It has a genie lamp style lid and I thought the balm looked a bit like the By Terry Baume de Rose that is stupidly expensive but massively raved about! Those reasons were enough to sell it to me! I really like this lip balm as it's lovely and moisturising on the lips, smells like apple and it delivers a hint of creamy light pink colour to the lips. Nothing too noticeable but a nice pretty finish.

I was rather interested in trying the actual Argan Oil so ended up picking up this set from Sephora so I could give it a go along with some other products and I'm really liking the Argan Infinity Intensive Creamy Oil (link) that was in the set. It contains 100% pure argan oil along with fatty acids and vitamin E and can be used for any dry, rough or chapped skin to illuminate the complexion. This has a thick consistency when you first dispense the product but it melts straight away when you rub it and has a luxurious oil consistency. I use this all over my face on an evening when I feel like my skin is a bit dehydrated and needs a boost. This is so nice to use as it doesn't feel heavy or greasy on the skin. It doesn't sink in immediately which is why I apply on it on a night time but it really hydrates my skin overnight and I wake up looking quite radiant. It also helps my foundation and concealer to apply more evenly after I've used this. I haven't had any breakouts using this either so that's brilliant.

Wearing Josie Maran Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil in Timeless Coral on both lips and cheeks
Wearing Josie Maran Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil in Timeless Coral on both lips and cheeks

The final product I want to tell you about is the Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil in Timeless Coral (link). I'll be honest, I'm not normally that great at applying liquid blush to the cheeks but I really liked the sound of this and the colour looked pretty so I bought it anyway. I'm totally in love with this product after trying it on both cheeks and lips. I started off only using it on lips as I was scared to try it on my cheeks! It comes in a tube so you can squeeze a little out and rub it on to the lips with your fingers. It comes out of the tube quite bright but it sheers out when you apply it to the lips. It has a hydrating oil texture and a glossy finish on the lips. I just love how my lips look with this on as it's not too in your face but it looks really pretty for Summer. It's almost like a bit of a treatment as well as it really moisturises my lips. When I got round to trying it on the cheeks I was so impressed too! You only need to apply a tiny bit and it rubs in so easily with your fingers. It's not like one of those stains that dries super quickly and doesn't blend in, leaving a few dots of colour on your cheek. The oily (but not greasy) texture glides over the cheek and leaves a subtle flush of colour that you can blend seamlessly. I find this also leaves a bit of a glow to the cheeks too so again it's ideal for a fresh, easy Summer look.
I'm thoroughly impressed with the Josie Maran products I've tried so far and it's a bit of a shame that they are hard to buy in the UK! I've noticed you can pick up a few things from QVC UK (link) but if you are looking to place a Sephora order then it's worth considering something from this range. If you're reading this from America then you can obviously get hold of the products easily! Lucky you! ;)

Have you tried any Josie Maran products?
I'd love to hear some recommendations :)

Monday, 16 June 2014

Yes to Cucumbers? NO to Cucumbers!!! // Facial Towelettes

I was quite happy to see the Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Hypoallergenic Facial Towelettes in a recent BirchBox as I like to have some handy face wipes in my stash for super quick makeup removal. I don't use them to cleanse all of the time, it's a rare occasion but they can be useful when you don't have a lot of time or are really quite drunk!

I HATE eating cucumbers, they actually disgust me but I was willing to overlook this on the promise of soothing face wipes. They sounded lovely and gentle, especially with the addition of aloe vera as well as the cucumber. They are also 95% natural. Even better!

When I first pulled one out of the packet I was impressed. They are thick, wet face wipes that are a decent size. I hate face wipes that aren't moist enough but these seemed to have the perfect level of moisture for removing makeup from the whole face. I then wiped the towelette all over my face including the eye area. Wow, nice and cooling, brilliant. Until a few seconds later when my face started stinging and burning! I took a look in the mirror and my face had gone all red too. My eyes were stinging. It really wasn't a pleasant experience! I doused my face in cold water and applied an argan oil product to help soothe my face. Luckily I did this at night time so by the time I woke up the next day I was fine but you really wouldn't think these were marketed as a soothing product.

I uploaded the photo above to Instagram/Twitter/Facebook to let my followers know about my results and several people commented saying they (or someone they knew) had experienced the same reaction! Plus it wasn't just with the cucumber variety, it was with the other kinds too.

So as you might have already guessed, I really don't recommend these, unless you enjoy burning your face off of course ;) It's such a shame as I had high hopes for the 'Yes to' ranges.

I'd love to hear about your experiences with these wipes.
Perhaps you've actually had a good experience or have you had a reaction too?

Sunday, 15 June 2014

CLOSED - Summer Giveaway

I've hit a few milestones recently like 1400 Bloglovin' followers, 1400 Twitter followers, (almost) 600 Instagram followers and I've started a YouTube channel so I thought what better way to celebrate it than a GIVEAWAY! I thought I'd pick some products that might be a nice treat for the Summer so the prizes are as follows:

  • YSL Rouge Pur Couture in 52 Rosy Coral
  • Nails Inc Holiday Wardrobe (Gel Effect Polishes in Porchester Square, Regents Place and Covent Garden Place. Plus a Caviar Top Coat. All full size)
  • Maybelline ColorSensational Shine Gloss in Electric Orange
  • Maybelline ColorSensational Shine Gloss in Pink Shock
  • NARS Bronzing Powder in Laguna
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle 

This giveaway is open internationally and the winner will be picked at random using Rafflecopter.

Good luck!


VIDEO: I'm going to be an Aunty! Baby Boy Haul

I'm going to be an Aunty! We just found out that the baby is a boy so in true Suzy Hearts Beauty style, I went shopping! I picked up some cute baby boy clothes so thought I'd film a quick haul to show you what I got from Primark and George at Asda. Hope you enjoy it :)

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

VIDEO: HUGE Haul! // Michael Kors, MAC, Boots & more...

I'm back with another haul video! It's a rather long one but it's because I've bought so much stuff I couldn't edit it down any further! I'd love you to watch and let me know if you've tried any of these products. Let me know what you think of my purchases!


Monday, 9 June 2014

Custom Phone Cases from Mr Nutcase

How fab is my iPhone 5S Ultra Light Weight Slimline Case* from They kindly offered me a phone case to review so I leapt at the chance to try one. I'd always fancied a custom phone case but didn't want to spend too much so never got round to getting one.

Mr Nutcase have lots of different designs so you don't have to have 8 photos like mine, you could have one big one, lots of little ones arranged into a heart and many other variations. I decided to pick some of my favourite photos that I've taken over the last few years and I'm very impressed with the quality of the case. The photos have printed very well without any distortions or degradation. You wouldn't think this phone case only costs £14.95!

The case is made from sturdy, hard wearing plastic and the edge of the case is clear, which I love as it shows off the gold on my phone! Another fab feature is that there are cut outs for all of the buttons and charging ports etc which is ideal as I hate it when there are buttons on the case covering the phone's buttons and it makes them stiff to press.

These cases are available for lots of different phones not just iPhones so you are in luck if you've been searching for a customisable phone case for another type of phone than the usual iPhone!

If you fancy one of these cases, you can use the code 'Thanku10' for 10% off your purchase. Let me know if you order one, I'd love to see your design :)

Are you tempted to order one of these? 
What photos would you put on yours?

Thursday, 5 June 2014

VIDEO: May Favourites 2014

It's 'Favourites' time again! For the first time ever, I'm bringing this to you in video format so I'd love if you could watch it and let me know what you think :)
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