Thursday, 24 July 2014

VIDEOS: Barcelona Beauty Haul Parts 1 & 2

Over the weekend I'll be writing up a blog post about my trip to Barcelona and sharing my holiday photos with you but I had to share my haul with you first!

I was very excited about heading to Sephora whilst I was in Barcelona so I bought quite a few things from there. I also found some hidden gems in a department store called El Corte Ingles.

As I bought quite a few things, I've had to split this haul into two videos so Part 1 is all about my Sephora purchases and Part 2 features my department store purchases. Hope you enjoy watching my haul videos. I've posted some photos below for a closer look at what I bought.

Thanks for watching :)


1 comment

  1. Love what you got from El Corte Ingles, all the Maybelline things haven't arrived in Italy yet! This gets even more excited ;) xx


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