Sunday, 31 August 2014

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Friday, 29 August 2014

Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette // Girls on Film

Another eyeshadow palette today but this one is a lot more budget friendly than yesterday's Marc Jacobs palette! The Salvation Palette in Girls on Film* is another amazing eyeshadow palette from Makeup Revolution. I'm seriously impressed with each one I've tried so far!

The Salvation Palettes each come with 12 shimmer eyeshadows and 6 matte eyeshadows. They all look stunning and the Girls on Film palette has mostly neutral shades with some purple and grey toned shades.

The glossy black packaging looks expensive and every single shadow in this palette is very pigmented and smooth. You wouldn't think this palette was only £6!

There is a mixture of warm and cool tones in this palette and I think you could create so many different daytime and nighttime looks with this. It's great because neutral lovers have lots of choice in here and then for those days you are feeling a little more daring you can wear some bolder colours.

Do you own any Makeup Revolution palettes?
I've got my eye on the What you waiting for? and the Welcome to the Pleasuredome palettes next...

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con No.7 in 212 The Dreamer

As soon as the Marc Jacobs makeup line hit the American stores, it became a lusted after range by beauty bloggers across the world! The main love seemed to be the Style Eye-Con No.7 eyeshadow palette in the shade 206 Lolita, the natural, nude based offering.

I actually thought that would be my first dabble into the world of Marc Jacobs Beauty but I was wrong. I bought some bits from Marc Jacobs back in February as part of my first ever haul but no eyeshadow palette in sight. It's quite an expensive purchase at $59 so I guess this put me off a little. Not to mention all of the similar eyeshadows I have ;)

Anyway, fast forward to August and I was browsing the Sephora site once again, ready to place my 5th(!!!) order (video here), when I spotted a variation of the Style Eye-Con No.7 palette that I hadn't seen before. It was 212 The Dreamer, a mix of fairly neutral shades but with a little extra something something. These shades are more peachy and gold than Lolita but not too in your face either. This spin on a kind of neutral palette was enough justification for this to be added to my online basket!

This little palette is stunning! I just love the luxurious, sleek, glossy black packaging and the little pouch it comes in is so cute! There are 3 mattes and 4 shimmers in this palette and each one of them is pigmented, buttery soft and utterly gorgeous. I'm extremely happy with my purchase and I'm looking forward to using this more.

There are so many great quality, budget eyeshadow palettes these days where I'm sure you could get similar shades, (Makeup Revolution, I'm looking at you in particular!), but if you're looking to splurge on something special then this could be the palette for you! There are six different variations so there's bound to be a set of shades that is suited to your tastes.

Do you own any Marc Jacobs makeup?
I'd love to hear your thoughts on the line...

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

VIDEO: Products I've used up // Empties #1

A while back, I started doing empties posts on my blog but then for some reason stopped. I still continued keeping all of the empty packaging so for the last year I've been building up a giant carrier bag full of used products!

I decided it was time to unleash my thoughts on them and now they will be coming to you in video format. Hope you enjoy watching it!


Kimia Facial Rejuvenating System

Kimia might not be a brand you've come across before so I wanted to let you know that they are a natural skincare company based in the UK. They produce a small range of luxury oils and serums using the best ingredients Mother Nature has to offer. The ingredients are extracted using a process that leaves them in their purest and most effective form.

I was very kindly sent their Facial Rejuvenating System* to review on my blog so after testing it out for a few months, it's time to give my verdict.

The Facial Rejuvenating System is a two step skincare regime consisting of the Exquisite All Natural Face Oil and the Hydra-Activator. These products are to be used after cleansing and toning. Firstly, you apply 6 drops of the oil to your face, making sure to massage it all over the face in an upwards and outwards motion. This is a beautiful oil containing ingredients such as Rosehip Oil for reducing pore size and protecting skin from infection, along with Marula Oil, a light absorbent oil for promoting tissue repair and Sweet Almond Oil for regulating skin hydration levels. The bottle comes with a pipette style applicator so you can dispense the right amount for your face. I normally think of oils as a nighttime treatment but this one is light enough to wear for the daytime and can be worn under makeup.

The second step is the Hydra-Activator which comes with a spray pump. You spray 6 pumps of this into your hands and again, apply to the whole face in upwards and outwards strokes until absorbed. The ingredients in the Hydra-Activator include Peppermint, Rosemary, Witch Hazel and Lavender. I find this a very refreshing step and it really seals in the moisture from the first step.

The Facial Rejuvenating System is a very luxurious addition to my skincare regime and I really enjoy the whole experience when using these products. The scent is beautiful and very relaxing, they leave the skin super hydrated and smooth without any greasiness, it's great for both AM and PM use, even with makeup. It's easy to see why it's an award winner in the 'Miracle Creams' section of the Green Beauty Bible and a favourite of Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss!

The Kimia Facial Rejuvenating System is available from their website for £74 here although I have noticed a deal where you can get the Precious Eye Serum worth £49 for free (link) when you buy the system!

Do you have any luxurious products in your current skincare routine?
Have you tried Kimia before?

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The Body Shop Blogger Event Haul

Last week I attended a lovely blogger event at The Body Shop in Eldon Square, Newcastle. You can check out my post about the event here if you want to see more about that. We were kindly offered some great discounts on any purchases that evening so I took full advantage of this!

I love a bit of the Strawberry range so I had to pick up the Shower Gel (link) as they are really great quality and smell amazing! A while ago I spotted these new hand creams in all of the delicious scents so I decided to pick up the strawberry one (link) so I can have a nice burst of strawberry fragrance throughout the day! Hopefully it will be nice and moisturising too. I've heard a lot of great things about the Early-Harvest Raspberry range so I thought I'd pick up one of those Shower Gels (link) too.

Let's face it, the purchase of a Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder (link) was inevitable. Lots of pale skinned girls like Estee and Katie are always raving about this light toned, natural looking bronzer so it was time to try it for myself! I chose shade 01 Light Matte. The bronzer comes in 4 shades though so there's probably one for most skin tones.

I'd been thinking about buying a new toner (this was before my little Boots haul!) so I thought why not try the Vitamin E Hydrating Toner (link) as it sounded great. I prefer alcohol-free, hydrating toners so this ticked all of the boxes. There are quite a few bits in the Vitamin E range that I was interested in like the Facial Oil (link), Overnight Serum-in-Oil (link) and the Aqua Boost Sorbet (link).

Have you picked up any goodies from The Body Shop lately?
Which is your favourite scent at The Body Shop?

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A few Boots bargains

A weekend wouldn't be complete without a stroll around Boots, so that's exactly what I did last weekend (and every other weekend...). Surprisingly, browsing the makeup stands did nothing for me on this occasion so I headed to the other aisles.

The offer stands are always a good place to look for new launches so when I spotted the Tresemme Renewal Hair & Scalp range I was pretty interested as I hadn't seen these before. This range is for nourishing the scalp and renewing your hair. The products contain tea tree extract and sunflower seed oil to help nourish the scalp at the surface cellular level. The results should be soft, manageable hair and a healthy feeling scalp.

I often get a sensitive and itchy scalp so I liked the sound of having a healthy feeling scalp so I picked up the Shampoo, Deep Conditioning Masque and the Tonic. The Tonic is a treatment to apply directly to the scalp after shampooing and conditioning. Also in the range, which I didn't purchase, are the regular Conditioner and Intense Treatments. Everything in this range is currently on offer at 3 for £10.

There seemed to be a lot of offers on skincare so I had a little look around to see if anything took my fancy. I spotted the Nivea Express Hydration Primer going for half price so I decided to try it as it sounds like it would be great for my dehydrated skin. Plus I've heard Katie at Beauty and the Baker mention it before and if she likes it, I'm sure it's great!

I've been loving some of the L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfection range over the past year and when I asked on Twitter if anyone could recommend a new toner for me to try, someone recommended the Velvety-Soft Toner so for under £3 I thought I may as well pick it up! I also saw the Micellar Gel which I've never noticed before. I've bought the Micellar Water version countless times and love it so I thought I'd give the gel a go too. I've never seen a Micellar Gel from any other brand actually.

This all came to under £18 and the receipt said I made a saving of £11 based on the usual prices of the products so I was pretty happy with all of my purchases. Now I'm looking forward to trying them!

Have you tried any of these products?
What have you been picking up from Boots lately?


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Michael Kors MK3285 // Lexington Rose Gold Watch

I've wanted a Michael Kors watch for a few years now. I probably wanted one of his watches before I wanted one of his bags! Considering I now have three of his bags, I must have had some strong willpower not to buy one of his watches...until now that is!

I always wanted one of the standard rose gold chronographic, quite manly sized ones as they are stunning but recently I started seeing the Lexington styles popping up in jewellers and department stores. There are some gorgeous rose gold ones with bright coloured faces such as blue, pink and purple.

I kept going back to the glass cabinet displays to drool over them but at £185, which is still cheaper than the chronographic styles, it was still a lot of money so I kept my debit card firmly in my purse.

When I was bored and #feelingspendy a few weeks ago, I googled the Michael Kors Lexington Rose Gold or something similar and found the watch that I've been lusting after, with the pink face, on an American site called Revolve Clothing. For some reason, the pink one was massively reduced compared to some of the other styles and I did wonder if it was a bit dodgy. Basically it was on sale for £117 which is around £70. I looked around the site to make sure it seemed legitimate and their prices for other designer goods seemed about right, it didn't look fake and it did seem like for whatever reason, this watch was just in the sale.

So I decided to place my order and after waiting nearly two weeks to get it, it came and it is beautiful! It's not fake, it's amazing, I paid no customs duty or anything like that. I actually only paid £70 for this watch! I didn't even pay anything for the delivery! This watch is still £185 in the UK as well, see for yourself on Selfridges here!

There are some pretty good things on Revolve Clothing. It was tempting to buy more things as well as the watch but I was good and just bought that. The link for the watch is here but I will say, don't take this as a guarantee that you won't have to pay any customs tax or anything. Maybe I was just lucky so you may need to factor that in but I'm super impressed with my bargain and the daily emails I get from Revolve Clothing are extremely tempting...

Have you ever managed to bag a massive bargain?


Monday, 18 August 2014

But first... let me take a #Selfie // I ❤︎ Makeup

Sorry about using the lyrics from that awful song but hopefully it got your attention! Everyone loves a good selfie though so the name of this eyeshadow palette from newcomer brand, I ❤︎ Makeup (part of the Makeup Revolution family), is quite fun!

The #Selfie* palette is a cute little compact containing ten gorgeous eyeshadows. There are eight shimmers and two mattes and every single one of them is smooth and very pigmented. There isn't one bad shade in this palette either, they are all wearable colours and you can create both daytime and evening looks with this one. The size of the palette makes it perfect for carrying around in your handbag or travel case too.

I'm wearing a few of the eyeshadow shades in my latest YouTube video so if you fancy seeing that you can check that out here.

You also get a mini eye primer with this palette which is amazing value for only £4.99! The primer has a shimmery formula so it is the great start to any eye look using this palette.

The palette, complete with mini primer, is available from the Makeup Revolution website here. Warning: You will see many, many things that you want to buy from here!

What are your favourite Makeup Revolution or I ❤︎ Makeup products?

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Another haul!

Oops I did it again! I placed another order. I know, I'm obsessed!

You can watch my haul below if you want to see more :)

Have you ever ordered from
What American products do you recommend?

A bloggers event at The Body Shop - Eldon Square, Newcastle

The Body Shop in Eldon Square, Newcastle upon Tyne, kindly invited to me to a bloggers event they were holding to tie in with the launch of the new Wild Argan Oil range. I'd already watched FleurDeForce's amazing video on her trip to Morocco to find out more about the process of making the Argan Oil so I was super excited to attend the event.

The event was a great chance to meet some other North East bloggers as there aren't a lot of events up in Newcastle, especially brand ones! We got to sip on Bucks Fizz whilst receiving amazing arm and hand massages using the brand new products from the Wild Argan Oil range.

The products that were used on me during the massage were the shower gel, body scrub, body lotion and radiant oil and they left my skin feeling sooo soft. Seriously, everyone was walking round stroking their arms! The products had a gorgeous smell too. I actually learned something about body scrubs when I had my massage that I didn't know. Apparently when you use a body scrub containing salt and/or sugar, like the Wild Argan Oil one, you should massage it into dry skin first as if you do it under the water, the salt/sugar will get dissolved and you won't get the full effects of the scrub. As I type this, it kinda sounds like common sense so you might be sitting there thinking 'duh!' but I honestly never thought of this before!

I was given a lovely goodie bag containing four of the products from the new Wild Argan Oil range so expect a full review of those on the blog soon, along with a haul from the evening.

If you're from Newcastle or close by and you're wishing you could go to an event like this, you are in luck! There is a customer event at 1pm - 7pm on Tuesday 19th August in their Eldon Square store so you can discover a new pampering ritual for your skin using the new Wild Argan Oil range. You can book a slot in advance by calling 0191 222 1893 to ensure you don't miss out on this fab event. If you quote my blog name, you can also bag yourself a little goodie and an extra VIP service!

If you're after some sneaky inside information, ok well it's not that sneaky, The Body Shop are launching a range of Color Crush nail polishes. They only had two of the shades on display in store but there are going to be 24 shades in a quick-dry, high gloss formula. They are also 100% vegan. These will be available in store from Tuesday 9th September.

What are your favourite products from The Body Shop?
Do you live near Newcastle? Will you be attending the customer event?


Thursday, 14 August 2014

Drugstore Neon Nails

I seem to have a thing for neon nails this Summer so I've been picking up new neon polishes at every opportunity. Models Own, Essie and Maybelline all have neon collections out this year so I thought I'd show you which ones I've been buying.

Essie Nail Polishes L-R: 
Sittin' Pretty (link)
Vices Versa (link)
I'm Addicted (link)
Strut Your Stuff (link)
Shake Your $$ Makers (link)
DJ Play That Song (link)
Serial Shopper (link)
Bottle Service (link)

Models Own Polishes L-R:
Shades (link)
Beach Bag (link)
Sun Hat (link)

Maybelline Color Show Polishes L-R:
Tropink (link)
Coral Heat (link)

L-R: Models Own Shades, Beach Bag and Sun Hat. Essie Sittin' Pretty, Vices Versa, I'm Addicted, Strut Your Stuff, Shake Your $$ Makers, DJ Play That Song, Serial Shopper and Bottle Service. Maybelline Color Show Bleached Neons Tropink and Coral Heat.

Are you a neon nail polish lover?
What polishes have you been loving this Summer?
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