Friday, 29 August 2014

Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette // Girls on Film

Another eyeshadow palette today but this one is a lot more budget friendly than yesterday's Marc Jacobs palette! The Salvation Palette in Girls on Film* is another amazing eyeshadow palette from Makeup Revolution. I'm seriously impressed with each one I've tried so far!

The Salvation Palettes each come with 12 shimmer eyeshadows and 6 matte eyeshadows. They all look stunning and the Girls on Film palette has mostly neutral shades with some purple and grey toned shades.

The glossy black packaging looks expensive and every single shadow in this palette is very pigmented and smooth. You wouldn't think this palette was only £6!

There is a mixture of warm and cool tones in this palette and I think you could create so many different daytime and nighttime looks with this. It's great because neutral lovers have lots of choice in here and then for those days you are feeling a little more daring you can wear some bolder colours.

Do you own any Makeup Revolution palettes?
I've got my eye on the What you waiting for? and the Welcome to the Pleasuredome palettes next...


  1. I have this two - they are all amazing aren't they! I ended up buying them all ha! Loving your blog as always lovely :) xx

  2. wow, I need a makeup revolution palette. They look so pigmented!

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  3. This looks like an amazing palette! I think i'll definitely need to try it out!
    Lovely post :)

    Erin x

  4. £6 for all them shades, going to have to pick one (or two up)

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  5. Thanks for this review Suzy. They already had this when I ordered my palettes from Makeup Revolution, but I didn't pay this that much attention. Looking at the shades and swatches from this review though showed how beautiful they are. Makeup Revolution is coming up with really nice eyeshadows and I just really hope they will stay within their price range. :)

  6. Gorgeous palette, I think I'm gonna order it! :)

    P.s. New follower!


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