Thursday, 28 August 2014

Marc Jacobs Style Eye-Con No.7 in 212 The Dreamer

As soon as the Marc Jacobs makeup line hit the American stores, it became a lusted after range by beauty bloggers across the world! The main love seemed to be the Style Eye-Con No.7 eyeshadow palette in the shade 206 Lolita, the natural, nude based offering.

I actually thought that would be my first dabble into the world of Marc Jacobs Beauty but I was wrong. I bought some bits from Marc Jacobs back in February as part of my first ever haul but no eyeshadow palette in sight. It's quite an expensive purchase at $59 so I guess this put me off a little. Not to mention all of the similar eyeshadows I have ;)

Anyway, fast forward to August and I was browsing the Sephora site once again, ready to place my 5th(!!!) order (video here), when I spotted a variation of the Style Eye-Con No.7 palette that I hadn't seen before. It was 212 The Dreamer, a mix of fairly neutral shades but with a little extra something something. These shades are more peachy and gold than Lolita but not too in your face either. This spin on a kind of neutral palette was enough justification for this to be added to my online basket!

This little palette is stunning! I just love the luxurious, sleek, glossy black packaging and the little pouch it comes in is so cute! There are 3 mattes and 4 shimmers in this palette and each one of them is pigmented, buttery soft and utterly gorgeous. I'm extremely happy with my purchase and I'm looking forward to using this more.

There are so many great quality, budget eyeshadow palettes these days where I'm sure you could get similar shades, (Makeup Revolution, I'm looking at you in particular!), but if you're looking to splurge on something special then this could be the palette for you! There are six different variations so there's bound to be a set of shades that is suited to your tastes.

Do you own any Marc Jacobs makeup?
I'd love to hear your thoughts on the line...


  1. So pretty :) glad you posted this. I think I will skip it when in the US the shades aren't quite warm enough for my taste! x

    1. Ah I'm glad this helped you :) I'm sure you can find lots more things to buy instead ;) x

  2. Really want to try some MJ bits, I haven't tried any yet :o( This looks gorg!

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