Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Michael Kors MK3285 // Lexington Rose Gold Watch

I've wanted a Michael Kors watch for a few years now. I probably wanted one of his watches before I wanted one of his bags! Considering I now have three of his bags, I must have had some strong willpower not to buy one of his watches...until now that is!

I always wanted one of the standard rose gold chronographic, quite manly sized ones as they are stunning but recently I started seeing the Lexington styles popping up in jewellers and department stores. There are some gorgeous rose gold ones with bright coloured faces such as blue, pink and purple.

I kept going back to the glass cabinet displays to drool over them but at £185, which is still cheaper than the chronographic styles, it was still a lot of money so I kept my debit card firmly in my purse.

When I was bored and #feelingspendy a few weeks ago, I googled the Michael Kors Lexington Rose Gold or something similar and found the watch that I've been lusting after, with the pink face, on an American site called Revolve Clothing. For some reason, the pink one was massively reduced compared to some of the other styles and I did wonder if it was a bit dodgy. Basically it was on sale for £117 which is around £70. I looked around the site to make sure it seemed legitimate and their prices for other designer goods seemed about right, it didn't look fake and it did seem like for whatever reason, this watch was just in the sale.

So I decided to place my order and after waiting nearly two weeks to get it, it came and it is beautiful! It's not fake, it's amazing, I paid no customs duty or anything like that. I actually only paid £70 for this watch! I didn't even pay anything for the delivery! This watch is still £185 in the UK as well, see for yourself on Selfridges here!

There are some pretty good things on Revolve Clothing. It was tempting to buy more things as well as the watch but I was good and just bought that. The link for the watch is here but I will say, don't take this as a guarantee that you won't have to pay any customs tax or anything. Maybe I was just lucky so you may need to factor that in but I'm super impressed with my bargain and the daily emails I get from Revolve Clothing are extremely tempting...

Have you ever managed to bag a massive bargain?



  1. This is such a pretty watch! I must admit, I love a bit of Michael Kors, they definitely do the nicest watches in my opinion :) Raspberrykiss xo

  2. This is so pretty! Loving the pink face!

    Emily x
    Blog | EmGrace

  3. Loveee! Yours looks so shiny aha mine is so grubby now after 5 years :(

    kathrynscupcakes.blogspot.co.uk xx

  4. This is such a bargain. I work in Duty Free so i'm lucky enough to get good discounts on MK watches.


  5. This watch is gorgeous! I've bought some bits from Revolve myself as they're such a great site, I got an Evil Twin tshirt for £11, what a bargain! :) xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

    1. I'm glad I found the site as it's really nice for browsing! I'm trying not to buy anything more from there for now though ;) xx


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