Monday, 15 September 2014

Lush Newcastle // Reopening Event

I have to say, this was an exciting week for me! First of all I had a VIP experience at The Saturdays concert (post here) then I was able to attend an amazing evening at the relaunch of the Lush store in Newcastle. I must start by saying a huge thanks to the lovely Anna for getting me an invite to this event! Also thanks to Lush Newcastle for letting me attend.

We were greeted with drinks and beautiful cupcakes on arrival. As you can probably tell, the cupcakes were inspired by some of Lush's products and I would have loved to sample all of them but I stopped myself and just stuck to the delicious chocolate one with gold dusting. Mmmm!

The refurbished store looks absolutely incredible. It seems so much more spacious than before and it seems like they have more products on display. I love the layout of the store, it makes you want to look at everything! They have even used lots of reclaimed wood in their stores which very much fits in with the ethics of the company.

All of the staff were so excited about their new store and that was so lovely to witness. The staff are so friendly and knowledgeable about the products, it's such a pleasure being in the store and listening about the products. The great thing is that they love to demonstrate the products too to prove how good they are. Whether that's applying products to your hand/arm making you feel very pampered or popping one of their bath bombs into water so you can see its effects, feel how softening the water is and smell the delightful aromas.

A lot of people go to Lush for their soap and bath bombs but they really have so much more than just those. They have an extensive skincare range and they will help you come up with a whole skincare routine based on your needs. They also have a fab range of fragrances and it was so interesting hearing all of the stories that inspired each one. Honestly, you need to go in-store and ask about these! There's also lots of haircare, bodycare and more to check out.

There's plenty for men in there too so don't think this place is just for girls! A lot of the products are unisex anyway but did you know you could get a facial wash for beards?! Me neither!

Whilst we were speaking to the staff, a fresh batch of Angels on Bare Skin was being made and we were all presented with a pot each to try so that was super nice. I actually got this tried on my skin while I was there and my hand was soooo soft and the skin looked much brighter and lovely. I also received a goody bag when I left which was filled with lots of lovely goodies to try. I'll be writing about those soon!

If you live in or near Newcastle you totally need to check out the refurbished store and speak to all of the lovely staff!

What are your favourite products from Lush?


  1. I'm definitely going to have to pay a visit, I haven't been to the one in town in so long. I'm also going to HAVE to buy the bath product in the water, do you know which product it is? It looks AMAZING!!

    Vicky xo


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