Thursday, 18 September 2014

My first ever Jo Malone purchases

Jo Malone is a brand I've seen on blogs quite a lot but I'd only admired from afar. To me, the brand is all about their candles and colognes. They do some other body and home products but I would say the candles and colognes are the signature products.

The product I had lusted after most was the Sweet Almond & Macaroon Candle. I'm a massive lover of sweet scents and any mention of macaroons is a winner!

I recently decided to step into the Jo Malone concession within Fenwick Newcastle and had a little browse. I don't think I could find a Sweet Almond & Macaroon candle to sniff so just spent some time looking at the colognes. It was then I discovered an amazing one. The Blue Agava & Cacao Cologne. One I'd never heard mentioned on blogs before. On that visit, I decided it was quite expensive so headed out of the store but I kept the thoughts of this scent in my head.

At the weekend, on my usual trip to town, I went to Boots, Debenhams, Space.NK, Superdrug and left empty handed. When this happens, it usually results in a crazy, impulse splurge to satisfy the shopaholic in me. So, whilst looking around the Fenwick beauty hall, I set my sights on Jo Malone and bought both of the items on my wishlist!

The candle is gorgeous. Just how I wanted it to be! Sweet, nutty, vanilla-ry, baked goods deliciousness in a candle. It's so pretty, I almost don't want to burn it! You also get some posh long candles to light it with!

The cologne is sooo nice too. I sprayed some on in the store, one spray, and it lasted ALL day! Even with washing my hands several times! This one is a grown up, sweet scent with notes of lime, blue agava flower and cacao. I'm really surprised I haven't seen this one on blogs before!

I also just wanted to mention the presentation. I love the box that you get your products presented in. It really tops off this luxury treat nicely. I'd love to receive this as a gift from someone! After placing the box in the bag, they even spray some tissue paper with a cologne and put that in the bag so it smells beautiful when you unwrap everything. Great attention to detail!

Have you ever bought anything from Jo Malone?
What are your favourite Jo Malone products?


  1. I've never heard of that cologne mentioned before either but it sounds like it smells amazing!! Going to make an effort to give it a sniff next time!!xx

  2. I was gifted the vanilla & anise cologne for my birthday last year and loved it, sadly its all gone now. The candle sounds amazing, I love the smell of almonds! though for £40 I don't think I could ever burn it. x

  3. Sweet Almond & Macaroon sounds AMAZING! I think I'm due my first Jo Malone purchase too!

    Beauty & The Bird | Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

  4. I really want a Jo malone cologne! Think I'm going to pick an everyday scent if I do get one!x

    YSL GIVEAWAY | The little things in life

  5. I love Jo Malone scents, but some of them definitely last longer than others. Blackberry and Bay is one of my Autumn staples and I adore Pomegranate Noir (sexy) and Lime, Basil and Mandarin (zesty). I agree about the presentation, so lovely!

  6. I've never tried anything from Jo Malone but it looks like it would make such a lovely gift :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  7. I love Jo Malone so much I end up regularly posting my gooding on my blog... The Almond & Macaroon candle is my absolute favourite but i've never smelt the cologne i normally wear Peony & Blush Suede which is lovely .. Will have to go and check this one out!
    LemonaidLies - Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


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