Saturday, 13 September 2014

New Topshop Makeup

Last weekend I decided to check out the Topshop makeup stand as it had been a while since I bought anything from there. They seemed to have some new pieces so I thought I'd treat myself!

The first thing that caught my eye was something from their new 'Metallics' collection. It's the Cream Blush in Pulse. I thought this was really unique and pretty. It looks like a bit of a mad shade really, being pinky, purpley, shimmery, metallicy but it looks very subtle on the skin. It adds a slight flush of colour to the cheeks that has a beautiful glow and looks very fresh. I think this will look perfect in Autumn/Winter. I'm wearing it in the photos below but it doesn't show up too much. I'm still working on getting my lighting right after buying some softboxes!

I'd seen the Lip Bullets before but I wasn't that impressed with the shade range however I was intrigued by the new Matte Lip Bullets. I ended up buying the shade Plastique which is a gorgeous light-ish pink with a hint of lilac. (Not as purple as the first photo, it's more realistic in the lip swatch). This has a very smooth and comfortable texture on the lips. The only problem is that I find is that it can look a little patchy if you keep rubbing your lips together. I still really like it though.

Next up, I've got one of the lipsticks in the shade Legend. It's a gorgeous, bright, creamy hot pink colour. (Annoyingly, my photo seems to have a purple tint again! It has no purple in this at all!). I love this colour and the formulation is moisturising and comfortable. I would describe this as a satin finish, not matte and not really shiny.

A couple of nail polishes caught my eye as they were beautiful pink colours that seemed to have a slight purple iridescence to them. I had to hold them at weird angles to get this effect to show on camera! Anyway, the light pink shade is called Tickle Me and the darker pink is The Love Below. I think they are both really pretty colours. The iridescence doesn't really show up on the nail that much which is a little disappointing but I still really like the shades so I'll still get use out of them.

What is your favourite product from the Topshop makeup line?
Have you tried any of these products?


  1. Great purchases! I still really need to try Topshop makeup! x
    Ellie |

  2. I've had my eyes on those nail polishes for a while now - the colours look so pretty but it's disappointing that the iridescence doesn't show up as much on the nail! Also love the lipstick!

    Beauty & The Bird | Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

  3. I absolutely love the look of that blusher! I Still haven't tried any topshop makeup yet but I may have to pick up the blush & light pink polish, they are both super pretty! :)

    Latasha xx |

  4. I now feel the need to go to Topshop asap! Lovely choice of products x

  5. I love the original lip bullet, I got a LE shade last christmas & loved it! Too bad about the shade range, really want to try the matte ones out!x

    GIVEAWAY | The little things in life

  6. What a lovely haul! I love that lilac polish! I wish it was easier for US to get topshop makeup.

  7. Legend looks amazing, perfect Autumn shade! I love Topshop blushes, the one I bought in your blog sale is already a regular on my dressing table.

  8. Loving the purple pink theme here! i have not tried any topshop makeup before so bad right? what would you recommend? Also loving the candle holders at the back!

    1. Hehe it's not bad, there is a lot of choice out there! I would definitely recommend a nail polish, a lipstick and a cream blush :) xx

  9. Everything looks so gorgeous - specially those nail polishes!

    Hannah Heartss x

  10. Ahh I looove Topshop makeup, everything you bought looks gorgeous, I love the blush!

    Chloe x

  11. The Matte lip bullets look fab I so need to try them.. Gorgeous colour on you!

    Lucy x

  12. Everything looks so pretty! Legend looks like a gorgeous shade.



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