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ARK Skincare // Age Aware Discovery Collection

I was recently offered the opportunity to try ARK Skincare for the first time. I was able to choose one of the Age Aware Discovery Collections that all contain a cleanser, exfoliator, moisturiser and a masque.

ARK Skincare prescribe skincare based on skin age rather than skin type. Their ranges are Age Prepare - for teens to early 30s, Age Maintain - for mid 30s to 50 and Age Repair - for 50+. They believe the ageing process has two main transition periods related to hormone changes and have designed their products with this in mind.

There is an Age Aware Discovery Collection for each of the 3 ranges so as a 29 year old, I chose the Age Prepare collection. The sets contain a 30ml sample of each product and I think this is a great way to try a new skincare regime without forking out for all of the full sizes!


The cleanser contains the following ingredients:

  • Watercress, Nettle and Horsetail to reduce excess sebum and balance skin
  • Oat Amino Acids to remove skin impurities
  • White Tea for it's anti-microbial properties and to protect skin from free radicals

The cleanser is a thick clear liquid that you apply to dampened skin. It feels quite soothing to massage into the skin and it doesn't foam on contact with water. This is great at cleansing the skin but it does leave my dehydrated skin a little dry and tight. I am a massive lover of balm cleansers so I'm more used to the feeling they leave behind but the tightness can obviously be rectified by moisturising. I feel like this product would be great for oily or teenage skin.


The exfoliator contains the following ingredients:

  • Bentonite Beads to remove dead skin and impurities
  • Loofah to exfoliate and stimulate circulation
  • Margosa Leaf Extract to prevent blemishes forming

The cleanser is quite creamy and has gentle exfoliating grains that do not feel harsh on the skin. This does a great job at buffing away any dead skin to reveal smoother skin.


The moisturiser contains the following ingredients:

  • Avocado and Peach Lipids to keep skin hydrated and soft
  • Olive Oil to hydrate and regenerate skin cells
  • Panthenol to sooth irritated skin and plump fine lines

The texture of the moisturiser isn't too light or too heavy but I do find that it doesn't quite provide enough hydration for my dehydrated skin. I'm sure this would be perfect for anyone with oily or combination skin though. It doesn't leave the skin looking or feeling greasy either.


The masque contains the following ingredients:

  • Kaolin Clay to heal blemishes and prevent new ones forming
  • Wild Water Mint to reduce the size of enlarged pores
  • Algae to prevent skin damage from free radicals

This is a nice thin cream that you apply to skin for 10 minutes before rinsing off with warm water. With it being a clay based mask, it creates a tight feeling on the skin as it dries. This does leave my skin craving moisture once removed so I do need moisturise immediately but it also leaves my skin leaving fresh and calms any blemishes I have.


I think this is a great starter set for someone who is new to skincare or someone who wants to put a whole skincare regime together but doesn't know where to start. I do think this is more suited to oiler skin as it doesn't provide enough hydration for my skin on it's own. I am used to using richer products and serums though so it's no wonder that this collection doesn't provide quite the same results.

From looking over the skincare range for mid 30s to 50, I feel like those products would be more suited to my dehydrated skin. The conditioning cleanser, renewing exfoliator, soothing masque and replenishing moisturiser sound ideal! The Regenerating Skin Defence also sounds perfect for my skin, being a treatment serum.

If you are interested in buying one of the Age Aware Discovery Collections they are available here priced between £28 and £30.

Have you ever tried anything from ARK Skincare?
What is your favourite skincare brand?


  1. I completely agree that this looks like a great starter set for someone just starting skincare. The products are the perfect size to test out. I haven't tried any of the ARK products before but they definitely look and sound great x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

  2. I've never heard of these before but they sound really good - I particularly like that they have different things for the different age groups + love that you're able to try the sample sizes first! Saida xx


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