Thursday, 6 November 2014

Lush - Angels on Bare Skin

At a recent Lush event in Newcastle, I was given a pot of the Angels on Bare Skin* cleanser. When you open the pot and take a look at the product, you wouldn't think this was a cleanser, more an exfoliator due to its grainy texture.

This is a vegan cleanser, made from 100% natural ingredients including ground almonds for exfoliating, toning and brightening, kaolin to absorb grease and remove dirt, lavender oil and rose absolute to calm the skin.

When you lift the lid off the pot, the aroma that fills the air is beautiful. It's a really calming lavender scent. To use the cleanser, you take a little bit of the product and place it into the palm of your hand. Then add a little water and use your fingers to mix together into a milky paste. You then gently massage this into the skin before rinsing off.

Despite the seemingly rough texture, it's actually quite gentle on the face and doesn't leave the skin tender or red. It leaves the skin feeling smooth and renewed. It cleans well but doesn't strip the skin of moisture. It also helps improve the brightness of the skin too. I've also noticed that it helps calm spots down.

If you fancy trying this, you should have it demonstrated in store on your hand as you will be amazed at how soft it makes your skin feel and how bright it makes the skin look.

The cleanser costs £6.50 for 100g which I think is very reasonable for all of the amazing natural ingredients you are getting in the product.

Have you tried any cleansers from Lush?


  1. I've been interested in trying this for a while so I think I'll pick it up when I finish my current cleanser :]

  2. This looks like such a great product - I've never tried any of Lush's face products before!

    Rachel |


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