Tuesday, 30 December 2014

December Favourites 2014

I haven't been blogging as much as I would have liked lately so I didn't get round to doing a November Favourites post but I'm back with a December Favourites!

I've been loving The Body Shop Christmas shower gels, in particular the Glazed Apple one that smells a bit like Apple Sourz! The Body Shop shower gels are always really nice to use. They are quite thick and lather up well. They also leave the skin feeling fairly moisturised.

I picked up the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream in a set I got from Barcelona Airport when I was in desperate need for a lip balm before boarding my flight. I had the Eight Hour Cream sitting in a bag for a blog sale for ages but I decided to use it recently after seeing a few glowing reviews and I've been loving it! I've only used it on my winter chapped lips but it does an amazing job at moisturising them and adding a little non-sticky, glossiness to the lips. I'll definitely try it on any other dry areas when they appear.

The Sarah Chapman Skinesis Dynamic Defense sample was in a Space NK gift with purchase from a little while back so I decided to pull this out and it's amazing! It's a really lovely moisturiser as it's rich but it sinks in fast and really adds some much needed hydration. What I love most is the glow it adds to the skin. It has light reflecting properties that add radiance to the skin without looking glittery/shimmery! I don't want my sample to run out!

Ages ago, I treat myself to the Charlotte Tilbury set called The Uptown Girl containing a kit of her makeup products. Sometimes I'm pretty bad at trying new products as I like to keep them looking pristine and it's all rather sad really! I've slowly been getting round to trying the products individually and I've found the Full Fat Lashes Mascara to be wonderful. When I first saw the brush, I didn't expect much as I usually prefer the plastic bristles rather than fibre ones but the brush is actually packed with bristles all the way round meaning it picks up all of the hairs, even the tiny ones! I think this is great at really defining and separating all of the lashes, it adds a nice amount of volume and curl but never looks clumpy! The packaging is also beautiful.

On one of my many Christmas nights out, I searched my makeup stash for a red lipstick and had quite the swatching session, as you can imagine with someone who owns hundreds of lip products haha. I settled on the Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Colour in Red Amour which I have a sample of from a Sephora value set. It's the first lipstick I've tried by Laura Mercier and I'm really impressed. As the name suggests, it applies really smoothly but it's super pigmented too. I found it to be really long lasting with a satin finish. I loved this shade of red as I found it looked very brightening and juicy! That probably sounds like a weird description haha. I found it went really well with a bronze eye and glowing skin with a bit of bronzer.

I was all about the glow in December so another product that was helping with that is the Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow Instant Soft Focus Beauty Flash which I was lucky enough to win in one of Amelia's giveaways in the summer. Looking at this product in the tube, I wasn't sure it would really go with my super pale skin but I was totally wrong! It's a beautiful gold shimmery liquid that blends out to leave a radiant looking complexion. It doesn't add any colour to the face. On it's own, some may find this a little too shimmery but I find this works really well under foundation. It provides a smooth base for foundation so I find I don't get any dry patches like I often do without primer and it adds a glow from underneath. It's expensive but it's worth it!

The NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Siberia was my foundation of choice in December. The shade is the perfect match for my skintone and I find the foundation really perfects my complexion. It's good at covering redness and some blemishes. If my spots are particularly bad, I still need to cover them with concealer along with my dark under eye circles! The foundation doesn't feel heavy on the skin and it's not too matte or too dewy. 

My final favourite was a new purchase in December. I bought the NARS Highlighting Blush in Albatross with a Space NK voucher I received as part of a gift with purchase in November. I've never been interested in this product before but I discovered it when I was swatching everything NARS in-store! Being super pale skinned, I don't normally go for gold highlighting products as I feel I suit cool toned shades better however this is a really cool toned pale gold. It adds the most gorgeous sheen to your cheekbones and it's not glittery. I absolutely loved this in December! I find it's good to use with The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder in the lightest shade Light Matte. They are a really good combo for pale skin. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing what my favourite products in December were. My 2014 Favourites are coming soon!
What products were you loving in December?


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    \outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 Great faves! I'd been waiting to read a review of the Charlotte Tilbury beauty flash...I've had my eye on it for a while now ;)
    Mimi x www.mimiflys.co.uk

  2. I love the Sarah Chapman Day Cream, I was gutted when my sample ran out. Just need to save up to buy the full size now. x

    1. It sort of sucks when you find something expensive that you like! xx

  3. I love the 8 Hour Cream, it's the perfect product now the weather has got colder.


  4. I love the 8 hour cream & sheer glow. Was wondering how suitable NARS Albatross would be for pale skins- glad to see it is! Great favourites! I've been loving Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk this month. Happy new year! xx
    Speckled Beauty

    1. If you're interested in Albatross, you may want to watch out for Tuesday's blog post :) I swatched that foundation the other day and I was quite tempted to buy it! Happy new year! :) xx

  5. Loving the choice of favourites



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