Saturday, 10 October 2015

Pre-Wedding Beauty and Fashion Haul

About a month ago, I had a rather large, unplanned spending spree and I was asked if I'd be doing a haul post so I took the photos but having no internet made it rather tricky to sort out at the time, but I'm back now so I thought better late than never. I love hauls, as you know, so here are all the bits I bought...

I bought a pretty, summery, flowery dress from H&M for my Hen Day of afternoon tea and cocktails. It was absolutely pouring down so I wasn't really dressed appropriately for the occasion but I made it work with a black biker jacket over the top!

Since having my hair cut to just below shoulder length in July, I feel like the condition has really deteriorated from having to use more heat to stop it from flicking outwards, so I popped into Space NK for some new shampoo and conditioner. I settled on the Bumble & Bumble Creme de Coco Shampoo and the matching Conditioner as they sounded perfect for adding lots of moisture to my parched hair. They smell amazing too! Whilst at the till, my eye was drawn to the travel sized/random products section and I ended up picking up a mini Caudalie Beauty Elixir to take on my honeymoon.

I'd been using up a sample of the Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up Remover and really enjoying it so I decided to pick up the full size (as well as asking for a sample size to take away with me!) and I was loving all of the new Joli Rouge Lipsticks so I chose three of those too. I went for Pink Praline, Lilac Pink and Bubble Gum Pink. They are absolutely gorgeous and Pink Praline was a particular favourite on my honeymoon, for an easy-to-wear, nude, glossy pink lip.

You know that I love Michael Kors and whilst I used to get my fix in Fenwick, a standalone shop recently opened in Newcastle so I eventually decided to make my first (and second) purchase from there. I wanted a small-ish, crossbody bag for my honeymoon and when I entered the store, I basically wanted all of the baby pink bags! There were so many amazing ones that I was almost tempted to buy a few, but I decided to be a bit sensible. The bag I settled on was the Jet Set Crossbody in Blush, which was a reasonable £130. I expected it to cost more as it's quite a good size.

As I was really in the baby pink zone and I hadn't bought a new purse for two years, I decided to treat myself to the Jet Set Travel Leather Continental Wallet in Blossom, a very similar shade to the bag but not identical. I have so many different bank cards, loyalty cards and more so this purse is perfect as it has enough spaces for all of them. The only problem I found is that it's difficult to use the bag and the purse together as the purse is quite bulky and is almost the same length as the bag so it's hard to get the purse in and out. I ended up using a £3.99 H&M purse on holiday, mainly because of the weight of carrying everything round for miles though. I did try to use the purse and bag together last week but had a bit of a drama in town as I ended up ripping the skin on my finger trying to get the purse out of the bag in the bank and ended up with blood everywhere. Niiiice! I'll forgive you though Michael...

It's very rare that I can pop into town without visiting Boots and I ended up spending quite a lot in there on this trip! I needed to pick up some suncare essentials for my honeymoon and I fancied buying some nail care items as I needed my nails to look as good as possible for the wedding. From the items I bought, I really like the Nails Inc NailKale Superfood Base Coat and the Butter London Handbag Holiday Cuticle Oil smells dreamy and tropical.

Some new matte products from Maybelline also took my fancy so they were added straight to the basket. I got the two Color Tattoo Creamy Mattes they had available, Creme de Nude (a yellow based nude) and Creme de Rose (a smoky rose based nude). I also picked up one of their Creamy Matte Lipsticks in the shade Rose Rush. It's the most wearable nude pink shade from the collection however I really like the look of Divine in Wine for Autumn!

My final purchases are from Primark. They had a lovely big coat section for Autumn/Winter so I couldn't help but have a browse and found a fab black mac with faux leather detailing that I'll be starting to wear soon. I also picked up a white, lightweight blazer with the intention of pairing it with the summery dress at the beginning of the post but that didn't happen!

I loved the multi toned metal necklace for only £4 so I bought that to take on my honeymoon but I'm quite weird when it comes to wearing necklaces and I put them on then think they don't look right and take them straight back off! 

Tacky purchase alert but when I saw these little bridal vest top and knickers sets for £4 I couldn't help myself. I had to have them! They were great to wear in the few days leading up to the wedding to make me even more excited.

Finally, I went super crazy in the bra department. Having lost weight, (well, I've put about 9lbs on in the last three weeks but shhh!) I've found that I'm about three cups smaller in the bra department so now that all of the cheaper bras fit me, I bought a lot, but it really didn't cost a lot in comparison to my usual Freya ones. These were pretty cheap and most of them were around £4, some even less and some a bit more. Not bad though! I did buy knickers as well but I thought I'd draw the line at showing you those too!

I haven't done any super crazy hauls since this one however I did make some Sephora and pharmacy purchases in Nice during my honeymoon so they should be coming your way soon...

Have you bought much lately? Let me know your recent favourite purchases.

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