Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Man Vs Food - Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne

My husband and I had a long weekend off from work (best feeling ever!) and decided on the Monday afternoon to have one last blowout before I really have to lose as much of the stone I've put on since September as I can before my work Christmas party!

We fancied something a little different to our usual Italian or Nandos options and possibly a little closer to home which is when the idea of Man Vs Food popped into our heads. It's only been open since August but I saw a couple of blog posts about it and it's stayed in my mind since then as somewhere to try. 

As the name might suggest, it's kind of a meat based, American style restaurant offering burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches and big plates of meat! You can also take part in their challenges where you eat a massive amount of food in a short amount of time to win a t-shirt. Their full menu is here if you want to drool over it!

We decided to just have 'normal' sized meals and both chose the Pulled Chicken Sandwich. I was quite excited about this as normally menus are all about the pulled pork and I don't like pork so finally I got to have a chicken version! Most of the meals come with two sides so I went for Peri Peri Onion Rings with Garlic Bread whilst my husband chose Skinny Fries and Onion Rings. 

When I saw the size of our meals, I wasn't sure how we were going to manage eating them but we actually managed to nearly finish them. We were stuffed but the food was so tasty that we couldn't not eat it all! We chose to have the Devils BBQ sauce on our chicken and it was so rich and deliciously spicy. Our mouths were on fire but it was a good level of spice! There are non-spicy sauces you can choose too, if that's not your kind of thing. 

My Peri Peri Onion Rings were also amazing! They were onion rings topped with an amazing, almost sweet but spicy sauce that complemented the onion rings perfectly without making them soggy. I think they are actually the best onion rings I've ever had!

Now that I've got the food part out of the way, which let's face it, is the main thing you need to know about but I just thought I'd let you know that the staff are really nice too. They were very helpful and the lovely waitress was excited when we said we hadn't been before as she was able to tell us all about the menu. I like how they are passionate about what they are serving. The decor of the restaurant is nice too and there are lots of tables to suit couples or larger groups. 

Along with our meals, we had two glasses of Pepsi each (although I was quite tempted by the banana and peanut butter milkshake!) and it cost us just under £30. I think that's reasonable for the amount of good quality food we got.

If you fancy going to this restaurant, it's located on one of the busiest streets in Heaton, on Chillingham Road, so it's easy to find! They actually have a restaurant in South Shields too if that's closer to home. 

I would definitely recommend a trip to this restaurant and we'll definitely be going back! I think I fancy a hot dog next time. Although, for now, I need to get back on my diet!


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