Sunday, 13 March 2016

Beauty Bay Haul - Zoeva Brushes and Makeup Geek Eyeshadows (with swatches)

Let's just say, my 'shop less' approach that worked in January and February, has taken a rather large turn for the worse in March! This started with a massive splurge on (Space NK may have also stolen a large chunk of my money this month, but more about that another day...)

Despite owning more brushes that can be used on one face, I am always drooling over Zoeva brushes. I already own the Zoeva Rose Golden Vol 1 Brush Set (£56.95 at Beauty Bay) and I find the quality to be amazing. Not to mention how pretty the brushes are. Who can resist a bit of rose gold?! I've recently felt that I need more quality eye brushes so I thought it was a good time to finally buy the Zoeva Rose Golden Vol 2 Complete Eye Brush Set (£56.95 at Beauty Bay). There are so many choices in this kit for all of the eye looks you could dream of so I'm very much looking forward to trying these. Although it will be a shame to get them dirty as they are so beautiful!

Whilst looking at all of the amazing Zoeva brushes, the 129 Luxe Fan Brush (£9.50 at Beauty Bay) caught my eye. I've never tried a fan brush before but they seem really good for applying highlighter so in the basket it went!

On to the most expensive part of the haul and it's the Makeup Geek Eyeshadows! Beauty Bay have recently started stocking Makeup Geek products so us UK beauty lovers can finally get our hands on the eyeshadows without worrying about customs fees. I browse Beauty Bay every few days so it's been pretty hard not to buy them because I've wanted to try them for so long. Obviously I finally caved and decided to buy a Small Z-Palette (£8.95 at Beauty Bay) so I could start my collection with 9 shadows. 

As you can see from my organised palette, I've gone for nude/muted shades to begin with. There are so many vibrant colours in the Makeup Geek Eyeshadow range but since this palette cost me over £50, I thought it should contain colours I'm likely to wear on a daily basis! First impressions of these eyeshadows are that they are AMAZING! They are so pigmented and the shades I've chosen are beautiful. I went for 7 of the regular formula (£4.95 at Beauty Bay) and 2 of the foiled formula (£7.95 at Beauty Bay). As you can see, Mesmerized, one of the foiled shadows was already crumbled when I received it! Gutted! [Edit: Beauty Bay sent me a replacement with next day delivery so I now have a perfect palette! Thanks to Beauty Bay for the great service!] These eyeshadows are so soft and pick up so much product with a little dab of the brush, unlike MAC shadows which I find quite hard and stiff (don't laugh!). Because of how soft they are, I guess that means they are more susceptible to breakage. Which makes me think these may not be the best to travel with!

The shades I've gone for are:

Unexpected - matte, dusky rose
Twilight - shimmery, dusky rose with hints of purple
Prom Night - shimmery, cool toned taupe with a slight purple hint
Mesmerized - foiled, metallic brown with hints of purple
Barcelona Beach - matte, cool toned medium brown 
Shimma Shimma - shimmery, light gold
Starry Eyed - foiled, metallic champagne 
Homecoming - shimmery, brown with golden shimmer
Moondust - shimmery, cool toned silvery taupe 

I've done some swatches of all the shades however despite taking loads of photos and picking out the best of the bunch, I'm still not happy with the photo above. I don't feel like it really does the eyeshadows justice so please bear that in mind. All of the shadows are really pigmented and smooth. I couldn't get the lighting right for the swatches so they aren't as strong as I would have liked!

I'm so impressed with my first foray into Makeup Geek and I'm definitely tempted by more eyeshadows (hello, 28-pan palette!), their brushes, blushes and contour pans. Basically everything!

What do you think of my haul?
Got any Zoeva or Makeup Geek recommendations? 

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