Sunday, 20 March 2016

Carex Fun Editions

Keeping your hands clean and bacteria-free isn't the most exciting thing to do but it is essential! What if I told you I can make that process fun and enjoyable? I introduce to you all, the Carex Fun Editions range! The Bubble Gum, Strawberry Laces, Chocolate Orange and Cola Bottles hand washes have all been purchased in my household and if you didn't already know it, I don't have any kids. They are for my husband and I, two 30 year olds! We love them!

Carex saw one of my recent hauls on my instagram and offered to send me a few bits from the range so I've got them to talk about today.

I was sent the Bubblegum Hand Wash* and Hand Gel*, along with the Strawberry Laces Hand Wash* and Hand Gel*.  The hand washes are some of my favourite ever as not only do they smell amazing (Bubble Gum is my absolute favourite!), they leave your hands feeling clean but not stripped and dry.

I've also tried some of the hand gels before and I tend to use them at work if my hands start feeling a bit grubby throughout the day, in between washing my hands with water. They are such a joy to use as they leave your hands smelling delicious and people around me are always wondering what the nice smell is when I've used it. Well...they were asking that but now they know and they want in on the action too. Side note - I work with all men, so this isn't just a girly thing, men love it too!

As I mentioned earlier, I don't have kids but I can imagine these would be great for encouraging kids to wash their hands too as I know sometimes they can be hard to convince!

I always tend to pick these up when the range is on offer for about a pound each from the likes of Asda (link), Boots (link) or Superdrug (link).

Have you tried this range before? 
Which is your favourite?

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