Sunday, 20 March 2016

Massive Space.NK Haul

If you've read my posts from the last few months, you'll know I was cutting back on my spending and actually doing quite well. Then March happened and somehow I went rather crazy, starting with my Beauty Bay haul...

Space.NK then had a goody bag offer that I can never resist so I ended up buying half of the shop. This time I haven't included what was in the goody bag since it's not actually available anymore. I'm just going to get straight into the products I bought. I hope you like NARS because there's a lot!

Technically this is a four part haul as I placed one online order and did an in-store shop too. But that is only two parts, is it not? No! Because my online order got split into three parts, one of the items hasn't even arrived yet! Stupid new website saying things were in stock and then in the (long) space of time between order and dispatch, they went out of stock. There are so many complaints I have about the new website. I even put them into an email to try and help Space.NK improve the website as I'm a software tester and thought this might help. But no, they brushed off my comments and gave me incorrect/made up information. Thanks guys! Anyway, rant over...on to the good stuff!

I don't buy haircare that often but I'd been fancying the Bumble and Bumble Don't Blow It Hair Styler (£23 at Space.NK) for ages. It's a leave-in cream that you use when you are letting your hair dry naturally and it's supposed to give a blow dried effect. I'm really looking forward to trying this as I air-dry my hair during the week and only blow-dry it at weekends.

I was in need of a new face cleanser and wanted to try something new. The rather expensive, Sunday Riley Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm (£46 at Space.NK) caught my eye so I decided to get it. I love balm cleansers and this will be the most expensive one I've ever tried so I hope it's good!

I have a few By Terry Ombre Blackstars (£29 at Space.NK) and they are the best eyeshadow sticks I've ever tried. I love the shades I have and have been wanting to expand my collection so I bought one of the two Spring 2016 collection shades, Nude Milky Way. It's a pale gold that will hopefully be nice on it's own as well as used under a powder shadow to intensify it.

I used to own the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Siberia (£31 at Space.NK) but couldn't quite get it to work with my dry skin so I sold it in a blog sale. I did really like it on good skin days and the shade is perfect for my skin tone so now that I've really upped my dry skin primer game, I reckon I could make it work so I'm going to give it another go!

The NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils (£20 at Space.NK) are extremely popular amongst bloggers however I only ever see them in darker or bolder shades, so when I saw the nude shade, Bettina, I thought it might be a good one to try.

I started seeing the NARS NARSissist L'Amour, Toujours L'Amour Eyeshadow Palette (£55 at on a few blogs and it really interested me. Then I saw it in the Newcastle Space.NK store and swatched it. I didn't buy it with it being so expensive but I kept thinking about it and I remembered how much I wish I'd bought the limited edition NARSissist palette a few years ago. Annoyingly, this isn't on the Space.NK website (one of the many things I informed Space.NK about in my email. They are clearly missing out on sales by missing things off their website that they have in-store but don't get me started again...), but I picked it up during my in-store part of the haul. I haven't touched it for over a week until I took these photos so I'm excited to get started on it now! I love all of the neutral shades which will be great for every day wear and then there are some unique shades I wouldn't normally have chosen that I'm looking forward to experimenting with.

When NARS launched their Velvet Skin Tint (£30 at Space.NK) last month, I was interested but because it shares the same shades as the tinted moisturiser line, I wasn't convinced their lightest shade Terre-Neuve would be light enough for my skin tone. Fast-forward a few weeks, when I saw they had The Modern Minimalist Collection (£60 at Space.NK) in my local Space.NK store and I was instantly sold! I decided to take the chance and try the Velvet Skin Tint after all. It looked good on Clare when I watched her first impressions video and she has a similar skin tone to me, so I thought why not?!

Also, who can resist getting a load of NARS minis?! I've always wanted to try the Orgasm blush and I've tried a sample of the Audacious mascara before and think it's fab. The mini lip pencil looks like a good shade, I love the hot pink lip gloss shade and I probably won't get too much use out of the eyeliner but it's a good one to try!

I've got a lot of playing to do with this makeup haven't I?!
Have you tried any of the products in my haul?

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