Sunday, 10 April 2016

By Terry Sun Designer Palette in Light & Tan Vibes

Back in March whilst browsing the Space NK website, I spotted this amazing new product. The By Terry Sun Designer Palette (£64 at Space NK). (PS. This is the part 3 I mentioned in my recent Space NK haul post!) It comes in two different colour ways and it was pretty hard to decide which one I wanted most. 

Both palettes contain 6 shades, with the blush/highlight shades on the left and the bronzers on the right. The other palette contains some seriously bold and beautiful blush shades. I think my perfect palette would have been those blushes and the bronzers from this palette!

The reason I went for this palette, the Light & Tan Vibes option, is because of the word light! Basically the bold one is number 1 and this is number 2, and I think the number usually signifies the intensity/darkness of the shade like foundations etc but from the description it sounds like number 2 is the one for paler skin. FYI - the other one is called Tan Flash Cruise.

I would describe the shades in the Light & Tan Vibes version as:

  • Bronze with a golden shimmer 
  • Red toned pink with a golden shimmer
  • Peach with a silver shimmer
  • Matte light toned peachy bronzer
  • Matte red/pink toned bronzer
  • Golden brown bronzer with gold flecks

When I swatched these I found that two of the shades were quite similar to NARS products. The middle blush is very similar to NARS Orgasm and the bottom bronzer is like NARS Laguna. I would say that the By Terry versions are much more pigmented though!

In terms of using these shades, I think it's very versatile as you can swirl a brush into a whole section, swirl a few of the shades together or pick out the individual products too. I really like mixing the two matte bronzers together as I find that very flattering on my skin tone. I've also been really enjoying using the peachy shimmer as a highlight, especially when I've got a coral/peachy blush on.

Getting to the bottom of this post, I just realised I didn't even mention the packaging! How stunning is that copper print? And the zig-zag effect inside? So gorgeous!

Are you tempted by one of these palettes?
What amazing new launches have you been loving?
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