Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Sunday Riley Martian and UFO

Today I wanted to let you know about two of my favourite skincare items. My chin area is very spot-prone, which I think is a hormonal thing and I can get those really sore spots that linger under the surface for ages before popping up. I've found two amazing products that I've been using and they really keep the spots away. Honestly, if I stop using them to try something else, the spots come straight back!! I really can't be without these now.

Both products are from Sunday Riley but the first, in terms of the order I use them is the Martian Mattifying Melting Water-Gel Toner (£48 at Cult Beauty). This is not your typical toner! It's a green lightweight lotion, that transforms into a thinner liquid on the skin. I use a cotton pad to apply one pump to my entire face and then let it finish soaking in. This makes my skin feel so fresh and clean but it also leaves it moisturised. The finish on the skin is matte but not uncomfortable at all. I also get dehydrated skin so I love that this is good for both spots and hydration.

The other superstar product in my routine is the Sunday Riley U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil (£68 at Cult Beauty). This is hands-down the best oil I've ever used. This oil, like the toner, also has a clean, fresh feel on the skin and isn't super heavy and greasy. It sinks in nice and fast. I wear it day and night, it doesn't cause any problems with my makeup. It hydrates the skin beautifully and it really helps to make my skin smooth and clears up any existing spots, whilst preventing future ones. Despite its colour, it doesn't leave your skin green either! 

I love these products because they are very effective on blemish prone skin without being drying. A lot of spot treatments leave the skin flaky and dehydrated but these do not strip the skin at all. They have relatively high price tags but they are worth every penny for me. They actually last quite a long time too so they aren't something you are going to have to replace every month. I bought these back in October and I've only just started my second bottle of Martian. I've been using them both twice daily for most of the time since October. As you can see, I'll be needing some more UFO soon but I might get another 2-4 weeks out of this!

Have you tried any Sunday Riley products? I've got my eyes on the new CEO cream ($65 at Sephora.com) next. It's only been released in America so far though but I think it's due here in a few months. 

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